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Why are Brain Issues Like Dementia the Fastest Growing Problem on the Planet?

Are you noticing more days of foggy thinking, memory loss, lack of focus and concentration? If the answer is yes, welcome to the fastest growing problem on the planet.

It is estimated that 35.6 million people are currently living with dementia worldwide, and that number will nearly double every 20 years, reaching 115.4 million in 2050. This number does not include those walking around with “brain fog,” characterized by a clouding of consciousness, or those experiencing simple memory loss.

What is causing our brains to slow down or malfunction and develop dementia?

Over the years, working with many types of neurodegenerative and brain related cases, I have found a handful of therapies that truly change lives. As it turns out, the key is not utilizing just one or two of these therapies, but using all of them.

This solution is not just for those who are diagnosed with a neurodegenerative conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is for anyone noticing that it’s much harder to remember things and experience mental clarity, a state called brain fog.

This approach goes far beyond this article, and is also used for many types of neurodegenerative conditions, such as Parkinson’s and even depression. From all that I have read and seen, I can tell you that the earlier you implement this approach, the better your chances are for recovery, even if you have the genes that increase chances of developing a neurodegenerative condition.

Prevention is the best medicine to avoid dementia

The advanced approach I am talking about is the 5 Essentials of Max Living.


Removing the stress from your life and implementing healthy mental practices such as meditation, yoga, gratitude, and mental affirmations will help stop the stressful degeneration of the brain.

Max Nutrition

Combining intermittent fasting and ketosis with nutrition will significantly reduce brain inflammation and increase the primary fuel for the brain, which is fat.

Max Oxygen & Lean Muscle

Changing your exercise focus to a higher intensity, metabolic conditioning type of workout will increase growth hormone to improve cognitive function.

Minimizing Toxins

The next step is looking at the toxins that affect the brain.  The 5 major toxins with plenty of science to back as a cause of decreased brain function:

  1. Mercury (dental amalgam fillings, u shots and other vaccines, etc.)
  2. Aluminum (nano-aluminum particles in sun screen and vaccines)
  3. Glyphosate (GMOs, conventional grain, and non-organic produce)
  4. Mold (moldy buildings and air conditioners)
  5. Diet sodas (artificial sweeteners).

These chemicals are driving inflammation in the brain, gut (the second brain) and every cell.

One aspect of detoxing that is very important is how glutathione (GSH) affects the brain.  GSH is our cellular defense against toxins and inflammation. It is present in every cell in the body, and if GSH levels fall below a certain point in the cell, the cell dies instantly.

Due to today’s higher levels of toxicity and stress, intracellular GSH levels are being challenged and are decreasing even in our children. Low GSH has been implicated in most of the causative models for neurodegenerative diseases.

This is why Daily Detox is so effective because it increases GSH levels and starts cleansing the body. However, for most people this is just the starting point and many need a more advanced full body and brain cellular detox, which we can provide in the office.

Core Chiropractic

As you add in each of the health essentials your results with effectively increase in every area of your health. There is one Essential that outweighs all of these other life changes, this is the essential that diet, exercise and detox cannot fix, this is the essential that no other doctors are looking for. That essential is corrective chiropractic care!

There is nothing that has a more significant healing effect on the brain that the right chiropractic adjustment. So, before you go looking for the solution always start with what controls the brain and nervous system, which is your SPINE! In fact I don’t have patients who receive the other essentials I just talked about unless they first get their spine corrected, it is by far the most important essential!

Learn More About Reducing Toxins & Improving Brain Function

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