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When Is Your Health Worth The Wait?

Recently my wife and I were going out to eat at a popular restaurant, so I decided it would be a good idea at around 6:30 pm to give the restaurant a call and reserve a table. We figured we could get in by 7:30 pm or so.

It was a hopping Saturday night and the restaurant couldn’t get us a table until 9:00pm! Has this happened to you before?

Gone to a restaurant and waited 1, 2, 3 hours to eat? Kids are running around, you read the whole menu twice and already know what you will order while waiting.

So, what did we do? We ate there at about 9:30 pm at night! Afterward, I thought to myself, why did we do that? Why did we wait that long for food when the place down the road had 7 empty tables at 7:30 pm?

Have you done this before? Have you wondered this before?

It’s because the food and the experience of being there is that darn good! The reason the place down the road is empty is because the service is mediocre, and the food is just all right, certainly not good enough to wait 2 hours for!

In fact, if you have ever watched the TV show Kitchen Nightmares you will know why the restaurant is empty. That’s why we choose the busy restaurants, because it’s worth it! I never go back to the ones that don’t have lots of people! There is a reason they aren’t busy!

I love this because our office is the same way! Our office has grown over the last several months and is now one of the largest in the area! Why is that? People are getting something here!

  • Results!
  • An experience!
  • Life transformation!
  • Freedom from disease and sickness!

We Are Your Source for Complete Health Care Delivery

People are getting a health care delivery system, through Max Living and the 5 Essentials; you just can’t get anywhere else. To go to one place and get…

  • Spinal corrective care with before AND after x-rays showing results.
  • Dynamic workshops walking you A through Z taking care of your health in
    a variety of areas
  • Specialized care for pre and post-natal moms
  • Personal consulting to get you to your health goals
  • Entire detox and nutrition protocols
  • Home equipment to aid in correction and prevention on your own
  • Advanced care for children and babies during the most important time of
    neural development

Show me anywhere else even close to that under one roof!

The reason there may be times you have to wait in our office is obvious, the food is good here! I know there is a wait; it’s our intention to have a wait! When there is a wait that means we are delivering what we say we are going to deliver, results and the truth!

People are coming back for more and more and they are bringing people with them! When it comes to your health, it is worth waiting for!

Would you rather have a surgeon that does 2 surgeries a month or the one that does 100 a month?

Would you rather have a tinkerer or a master?

The more we see, the higher the quality gets. I guarantee we train harder than any other office in the valley. There is hardly anything we haven’t seen, and I know we can help you and everyone around you!

Primary Care That Fights For Your Family’s Health

This clinic is first God’s, but second, this clinic is yours! I hope you know that. It runs and is here for you.

  • So, you never go through what my dad went through.
  • So, you have a source for your primary care that doesn’t involve drugging, cutting, or injecting you or your family!
  • So that you have a source that doesn’t exist for a profit but exists for people!
  • So that you have a doctor and team that will GO TO WAR for you and your family’s health!

I love that our place is busy. It needs to be busier. We are hiring more team members, we’re going to keep upgrading to the best of the best with equipment and systems, we will keep pressing to grow.

If we don’t then people die and you get crappy dead restaurant service. Your health is too important to not get the best. We’ll keep committing to bringing it. You can be proud to call it yours.

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