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What's Wrong with the Standard American Diet?

The Standard American Diet (SAD). I remember learning about the little pyramid when I was in school. Do you remember being taught to eat lots of bread, grains, rice and cereal?

The SAD heavily promoted carbs. Nowadays, that’s primarily all GMO and it’s all very toxic.

Turning the old food pyramid upside-down

The old food pyramid told you to eat very little of fats, and only moderate amounts of proteins and vegetables. Really, the answer is, put that thing upside down. When you do that, you experience multiple benefits including balancing insulin levels.

The fat fallacy

So, that’s one of the biggest shifts you want to be able to make in your nutrition. Fat should actually make up over 50% of what you eat. That may seem counter-intuitive because you’ve been told for so many years that low-fat is the way to go. Look around, we have more overweight and obese people than ever. People in general are sicker than ever. So obviously, that doesn’t work.

What does work is getting fat into your body. That’s what we talk about with our nutrition plans. It’s not like some fad weight loss program. It’s not a deprivation program. It’s not to trick your body into losing weight.

It’s a natural way of eating by flipping over that pyramid. Good fat are things like:

  • raw nuts
  • wild fish
  • good oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil and flaxseed oil
  • good raw nuts (sprouted especially)
  • eggs

These things are good fats that your body needs. They make up the building blocks of your body. They make up all your cell membranes. They work with your neurological tissue which requires the ability to burn fat. Pretty awesome, right? You can safely get a ton of good fats in your diet.

What you want to be aware of are the bad fats.

  • Conventional dairy
  • Conventional meats
  • Damaged oils like vegetable oil, canola oil, and sunflower oil.
  • Fast food like McDonald’s that are loaded with bad fats.

Those are things you want to stay away from because those are bad for you. Because they cause free radicals and cellular damage and toxicity and health issues across the board.

How do you get started?

Step 1: Get rid of the bad oils. Instead of cooking with canola oil, start cooking with organic butter, coconut oil, or avocado oil. These things are very safe for you. They taste great. You get lots of good fats.

Step 2: Change your proteins

The next thing is proteins. This is the most important. I can’t express this enough.

The more I research, the more I understand that one of the biggest causes of endocrine destruction in our body is conventional meat and dairy. This is where you want to invest the most money. If you’re on a budget and you say you can’t afford to eat this, well, if you only change one thing, change this.

Don’t worry about organic. Don’t worry about natural everything else. Change the meat and dairy and proteins that you’re eating.

  • Grass fed beef
  • Free range chicken & eggs.
  • Raw dairy.

If you do that, you just deleted the number one cause of dietary toxicity in your body. That is huge. And, you don’t need a lot of proteins.

Even if you’re an athlete. The upper level is about 25 percent of your diet from protein because it’s not the best source of energy. The best source of energy is still fat. The last thing is carbohydrates.

That’s that little section at the top when we flip the pyramid over. These carbohydrates, you do not need for energy. In fact, it’s a horrible source of energy. It burns off super fast. It turns into sugar in your body. It creates insulin disruption in your body and it causes a whole new slew of issues. So, the best thing you can do is eliminate and reduce carbohydrates as much as possible.


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