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Visit a Chiropractor in Rocklin, California for Post-Partum Concerns

The period after giving birth can bring so much joy to a mother, but also an incredible amount of post-partum pain, which a chiropractor can relieve. An entry on the mothers’ blog Hellobee by a blogger named Mrs Superhero details one such story:

A little while after having my first child, I noticed that I had a sore tailbone when I sat for an extended period of time. It got to the point where I was sitting on a cushion to eat at the table (we have hard, wooden chairs). I made sure to always sit in the comfier chairs at church (which are always near the front, and we were usually late because of the baby), and still I wanted to cry whenever I had to stand up. For some reason, I ignored this issue completely. Then at 8 months postpartum, my sciatic nerve started to hurt.  I would get sharp shooting pains in my left hip, shooting down my leg. Once it got to the point where I could hardly walk, I decided that I should probably see someone.

Post-natal mothers undergo physical and hormonal changes that may affect their state of mind. When post-partum pain becomes unbearable, consider consulting a chiropractor in Rocklin, California, like New Life Chiropractic’s Dr. Tim Smith, DC, to determine if the discomfort can be eased by chiropractic care. New and expectant mothers can learn a thing or two from Mrs Superhero’s experience.

Proper posture

The blog author says her chiropractor first checked her feet on the scale and discovered a weight imbalance. An additional 15 pounds was focused on her left leg from carrying her baby at the hip, which slid the tailbone and curved her spine. The recommendations included  improving her posture and using a stroller for carrying the baby around.

It would be good to make your first visit to a chiropractor one week after giving birth. Make sure your chiropractor has an equipped office to check your overall condition.

Early chiropractic care

Mrs. Superhero suggests chiropractic care should start while in the advanced stages of the pregnancy. A support belt helps shore up the pelvis and back during the period, and hydrotherapy can strengthen the core, she adds.

While nursing during the first months after birth, you should sit with a pillow to support your back, and raise your feet up on a solid object like a stool. The writer says these methods can prevent the tailbone from sliding.

Raising a child is definitely a challenge no mother can avoid, especially when it includes carrying the bundle of joy around. For post-partum woes, a certified Rocklin chiropractor like Dr. Smith can help realign your spine and expedite healing.

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