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Virtual Stress - How Screen Time Stresses Your Body

Virtual stress has been a growing concern for many years now and is continuing to grow, which is why the proper use of technology is essential. Sitting is the worst thing for your spine and your body and when you add the extra stress of a screen it is even worse!

This week we want to help your family adapt to this added stress with some positive lifestyle changes that will help keep you healthy.

Gravity is constantly pressing down on your body, causing you to “slouch” or flex forward. So many of the habits that we have are “flexor dominant” further reinforcing poor posture habits.

Flexor dominant posture habits include:

  • looking down at your smartphone, lpad, or computer
  • looking down while reading
  • looking down while doing homework, and
  • sitting with slouched posture while watching television.

When gravity pulls the body into Flexor Dominance you will have a C-Shaped spinal curvature where the back and shoulders round forward. The muscles of your chest are tightened, and the muscles that support the spine are weak.

Because gravity is an ever-present force, it is imperative to have proper posture habits to resist postural collapse. Posture is the structural framework of your body.

Bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissues make up the Posture System to hold your body upright against gravity, preventing postural collapse. Stress to the Posture System results in Postural Distortion Patterns, impacting your ability to live healthy and pain free.

7 Steps to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Screens

  1. Identify when and why you want to be on your screen
  2. Identify the root cause of your addiction or desire
  3. Become self-aware of how much time you are spending on screens
  4. View educational content on devices
  5. Reduce mindless scrolling or games on screens
  6. Choose healthy non-virtual activities to do when you would otherwise be on your devices
  7. Reduce personal screen time to 2 hours or less per day

7 Ways to Safer Screen Use

  1. Hard-wire your devices to reduce EMF exposure
  2. Set a timer at night to have the WIFI turn off
  3. Don’t allow screens in bedrooms
  4. Use headphones instead of bringing your phone up to your ear
  5. Put your device on Airplane Mode when it is within a close proximity of your body
  6. Wear Blue Blocker glasses in the afternoon and evenings when on screens
  7. Put your device in “Night Mode” to reduce Blue Light emission

Slouching Causes Postural Stress

The reason posture is so important is not just because it puts stress on your body and causes pain, but because that pressure will shift your spine out of alignment and cause Subluxation. This subluxation is not a muscle or joint problem it is a brain and nervous system problem!

This is why posture affects almost every physiological system in the body and is directly linked to overall health. When the spine shifts out of alignment and gets stuck in the position from postural stress it immediately affects the body’s ability to adapt to stress and to function and heal properly.

Subluxation is the most dangerous health issue you or your children can have because it limits all function in the body. Subluxation will lead to dysfunction in the nervous system and keep you from living your optimum health potential.

As a corrective care chiropractor, we specialize in assessing posture and correcting the underlying issues to restore normal posture and healthy nervous system function for a healthier body.

Has Your Entire Family Been Checked for Subluxation?

Our mission and purpose is to help empower your family to live a healthier life naturally! We have a vision to reach thousands of people in our area to change the way families view and manage health. Have your kids had their posture evaluated and been checked for subluxation? Are you living the 5 Essentials for your family? Do you know other families who need help?

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