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Are Vaccines Safe? Answers For Parents On The Pros and Cons of Vaccination

I want to talk about a very special event that we are hosting in the office, April 19 at 6:30 in the evening in Rocklin, California. The whole point of this event is to talk about vaccines. This is a very hot topic right now. So many people have questions

So many people have questions about what’s safe, what’s not, and what’s the truth about vaccination. Especially here in California with the new laws requiring vaccination for kids to be able to go to school.

Some parents still are wondering:

  • Are vaccines safe?
  • Are vaccinations truly effective?
  • What can I do to make sure that my child doesn’t have a bad reaction to getting vaccinated?
  • What should I know about vaccines?
  • When is the best time to get vaccinated?
  • What are the potential side effects if I do or don’t vaccinate my kids?
  • How many vaccines should I give them at one time? What’s the safety and drawbacks of that?
  • If I have gotten my kids vaccinated, what should I look for in terms of side effects and poor reactions?

Getting Your Questions About Vaccines Answered

Do you want to know how to cleanse your child’s body from the potential toxins from vaccinations they’ve had? Because every vaccine is full of toxins! Most of them still have things like mercury and aluminum which are very heavy neurotoxins that many kids don’t have much of a barrier or ability to fight off.

Vaccines are also full of other preservatives, MSG, aborted fetal cell tissues, and other toxins and preservatives that you would never normally put into your body. And you would, of course, never ever give to your kids.

As the vaccine schedule gets increased to include more and more shots, we’re seeing more problems with kids.

  • More neurodevelopmental problems.
  • More digestive problems
  • The highest onset of autism and other issues than we’ve ever seen before in the history.

Our goal here at New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin is to end the ambiguity on vaccines. We will start to give parents more information about the truths and science behind vaccines. This knowledge will enable you to make a more informed decision.

Our goal is not to tell you about what to do or what not to do, or to shame you for whether you do or do not vaccinate your kids.

It’s not about hating on vaccines.

It’s about giving you information, helping empower you to make the right decision for your kids and for your family. It’s about making sure you really know all the potential pros and cons of what vaccinations can and cannot do and how they affect the health of your child.

If you want to take a more natural approach, we want to share some resources that can help you. and most importantly, what to do

Most importantly, we want to be sure you know what to do if, or some reason, your child does get sick. Whether they’ve been vaccinated or not, we will teach you some things that you can do to know with confidence that you can help them get well naturally. Without medications. Without other interventions.

You can feel safe in the fact that your child’s body can heal itself. They know how to be well.

We’re also going to be talking about things from the Vaxxed Movie. We’ll discuss some of the recent developments in the vaccine industry and some of the recent studies coming out.

This is going to be an amazing workshop. Everybody is welcome. If you want to register, please call ahead of time to our office 916-259-2682. This is a must for all families if you want to know how to keep your kids safe, know the truth behind vaccines, the questions to ask your doctor, and really how to help you feel safer as a parent knowing what to do in this controversial area.

If you missed this event, and have questions on vaccination, be sure to contact our office. We’ll make sure you get access to the information you need.

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