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Treating Back Pain in Rocklin: The Drugless Alternative for Athletes

Nobody likes to get injured, least of all those who engage in full-contact sports such as American football, soccer, rugby, and basketball. After all, a serious injury may entail months of recovery or even put an end to an athlete’s career altogether. The key is to observe the proper posture and movement, and know when to seek treatment.

Fluid Movement: Key to Athletic Performance

While one can take medications or rest and let the afflicted part heal on its own, recent studies have shown that physical rehabilitation through chiropractic can be especially beneficial to athletes. Global Healing Center names some of these benefits as follows:

Solid Body Maintenance in Professional Football

It’s no secret that professional football is a beast of a game and injuries are frequent. Even if football players avoid serious injury, it’s a sure bet that stiffness and soreness are just par for the course. In a 2002 survey, thirty-one percent of football teams in the National Football League reported having a chiropractor on staff. Athletes reported using chiropractic care quite frequently, noting its effectiveness.

Keeps Baseball Players Swinging

Baseball is a game that demands quick bursts of energy. Whether it’s running the bases or swinging the bat, these fast-moving activities often come with rotator cuff injuries, neck pain, back strains, and hamstring pulls. Studies have shown that chiropractic helps prevent hamstring and other lower limb injuries in baseball players. Another study revealed that muscle strength and long jump distance was greatly improved in baseball players who received regular chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic targets areas susceptible to stiffness and soreness, such as the arms and legs, shoulders, and the back. Studies have shown that athletes who undergo chiropractic treatment tend to be more mobile and fluid during games.

Chiropractic for Everyone

Chiropractic treatment is not reserved solely for athletes. Rocklin chiropractic treatments from facilities such as New Life Chiropractic are readily available to California citizens who prefer a drugless treatment for pain that affects the bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissue. Before they can start with any procedure, such professionals would dutifully screen their patients to check whether they are eligible for such a treatment.

Patients need medical clearance, however, before undergoing such a procedure. When it comes to treating back pain in Rocklin, chiropractors usually seek the focal point of each patient’s discomfort then perform the necessary spinal adjustments to correct the nerve endings. This, in turn, remedies chronic pain in the back and limbs.

The importance of proper spinal care never be overstressed. When experiencing unnatural pain, it is a sound decision to head to a clinic like New Life Chiropractic for relief that lasts.

(Source: 8 Ways Chiropractic Benefits Sports Performance, Global Healing Center, April 14, 2014)