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How Toxins Trigger Insulin Resistance

Toxins are the 3rd main cause of cellular inflammation and, I believe, the #1 hidden contributor to diabetes and other hormone problems. You may be saying to yourself at this point,

I have changed my diet and exercise regularly, yet I am still not able to control my glucose without medication.

As I would predict, your weight is still not changing, or its getting worse, and your energy is not what you desire.

If this sounds familiar, you are most likely in the 1/3 of the population that has “Toxin Induced Insulin Resistance” (TIIRTM). I believe that the estimates could be as high as 50%, and yet most health professionals, even alternative practitioners, NEVER even look for TIIRTM.

How Do Toxins Trigger Insulin Resistance?

It is toxins dual effect on the hormone receptors and the DNA that are at the root of this modern day problem and yet it appears to go unnoticed. Toxins make their way to the cell and attach to the membrane of the cell, causing inflammation and, therefore, blunting the hormone receptors.

As I stated previously, it is hormone resistance, meaning the cell cannot hear the hormones message that is driving the epidemic of hormone conditions including diabetes. Despite the new research, TIIRTM is not being talked about nor is it being addressed.

The small fringe that are addressing TIIRTM clinically, are showing up at a gun fight with a knife. A colon cleanse, foot bath, liver cleanse or some health food store cleanse, is NOT True Cellular Detox and WILL NOT penetrate the real problem.

What About Genetics? How Do They Impact My Risk of Disease?

Earlier I made reference to gene expression when I spoke about an inflamed cell membrane and how toxins can build up in the cell and change the way a gene expresses itself. The toxins that build up in the cell or enter the cell can turn on genes that express certain diseases or conditions. This is known as epigenetics and is the new science in genetics as a cause of disease.

The old dogma of, “if you have the gene you will get the disease” is over, however, most people still believe that if their mother or father has a condition like diabetes they will most likely end up with diabetes as well. Even though most of the scientific community has moved away from this old model, most of the general population still believes it despite the volumes of new research.

Therefore, it is worth repeating a point that I made early; you may in fact have the gene, but unless an environmental stressor, such as a toxin, triggers the gene you will not get the disease.

That’s good news! Your DNA is not your destiny after all.

How To Reduce Your Risk of Bad Gene Expression

The bad news is we live in a toxic world and most people do toxic things. This is where the danger exists. Many of these genes of susceptibility get turned on and must be turned off. Changing the bad gene expression is a part of the protocol we utilize in our diabetes program and is why it works when most programs do not.

As you can see, removing the toxins from the cell is key to changing the gene expressing the diabetes. Not to mention it’s only by removing the toxins that the hormone receptors, and in the case of diabetes, the insulin receptors, will regenerate and ultimately allow you to get well and feel better.

5R’s of True Cellular Detox and Cellular Healing

To do this you must follow the 5R’s of True Cellular Detox and Cellular Healing. The 5R’s fix the cell and its many functions, which also up regulates the cells ability to detox. I want to give you a brief description of each R and its role in cellular detox because this is the real solution to this epidemic.

R1 (Removing the Source): Out of all the R’s, removing the source is the most over looked and yet it is the most important to reverse a condition especially a condition like diabetes. Most practitioners, whether alternative or allopathic, treat the symptoms without considering what is causing them.

R2 (Regenerating the Cell Membrane): If the membrane is inflamed, it will not let the good stuff  in and the bad stuff (toxins) out. The membrane is the gatekeeper.

It’s said that life begins on the membrane and is in fact the brains of the cell. The inborn intelligence of the body is held in the membrane; more specifically the integral membrane proteins (IMP’s), which are the hormone receptors. This is how the cell communicates with its environment and is able to direct all function.

It is the membrane through this communication that will change the DNA and the gene expression. If you don’t regenerate the cell membrane, you will never detox the cell or change the gene expression for good. Ultimately you will never get well.

R3 (Restore Cellular Energy): ATP is considered the gasoline of the cell and is the energy for ALL function including detox. Increasing cellular energy is often times the first step in a protocol for the most challenging cases.

R4 (Reducing Inflammation/Oxidative Stress): At this point, the importance of reducing inflammation has been thoroughly established especially in the cells ability or inability to detox. If it is not reduced, ALL detox attempts will fail and most often make you worse.

R5 (Reestablishing Methylation): Methylation is a process in the body with many responsibilities. One of which is something I have discussed at great length at this point – epigenetics (turning good genes on and bad genes off ).

Another is detox, even detoxing toxic hormones. Think of methylation or the methyl groups it uses as a “key” that can start or stop certain cellular functions, therefore it is involved in most function to sustain life.

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