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The Natural Solution to Diabetes - Learn to Prevent & Reverse Diabetes

The doctor runs some tests and tells you that you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. His solution to diabetes? He hands you a prescription with a smile on his face as if he just saved your life.

At this point, there is a sense of relief because at least there is a reason for why you have been feeling so bad. So why do you still have a concern for your new reality and the meds you are about to take?

Next, you ask the obvious question:

How long do I have to stay on the medication?

His answer is one that stays in your head unrelentingly for weeks:

For the rest of your life, of course!

What most don’t realize until later is that even though the medications keep blood glucose in the normal range, or at least somewhat lower, and some of the symptoms at bay, they remain in a state of accelerated decay.

Diabetes and Early Death

The truth is this – Diabetics age rapidly and die an early death despite taking their medication.

Here are a few current statistics:

  • 68% develop heart disease
  • 50% of all new cases of blindness are in diabetics
  • 70% develop neuropathies of which many ends in amputations.
  • Additionally, despite taking the medication, people with diabetes have a two-fold increase in dementia.

Believe it or not, these statistics are right out of the American Diabetes Association’s website.

How is that for hope?

No wonder it’s the unspoken truth – if that reality was given to any sane person, they would most likely tell the doctor where they can stick their pills.

Natural Diabetes Solutions Provide Real Hope

Is there REAL hope? Yes, of course there is.

I can tell you now it is not in some man-made concoction with a list of side effects so painfully long that you stop reading the label. Nor is it some other drug that has been given to millions of people in the hope of a cure and has now been taken off the market for causing cancer!

I have recently heard of one of the most popular diabetes medications now being linked to bladder cancer. Other popular diabetes drugs are linked to heart disease, obesity and even death.

What about the others? How safe are they?

If you are reading this, most likely you are seeking another answer. I can tell you without a shadow of doubt there is one.

I cannot tell you to come off of the medication and I WILL NOT, but I will say this: when you remove the interference from that “something” God has put in all of us that heals our bodies that inborn (innate) intelligence can heal more than just diabetes.


HE ALONE is the Author and Creator of LIFE, and I believe this principle in my heart. The power and ability already exists within each of us.

I have lived it out in my own body (and life) and have seen it at work in many of the people I coach back to health.

How Does Diabetes Start?

Studies show that the toxins that bio-accumulate within the cell can trigger or turn on a gene that predisposes you to diabetes. This is when you begin expressing the disease.

The old dogma that your mother or father had diabetes and therefore you will end up with it as well, is now an outdated model of thinking. Today we know it is not so simple.

The genes of susceptibility you may have inherited from your mom or dad alone do not cause diabetes or any other disease. It takes an environmental stressor such as a toxin to trigger them.

Your DNA is not your destiny.

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

The most exciting aspect of this new research is that we are learning new ways to change the gene expression back to its original purpose and for the good, which literally turns the “bad” expression of the gene off. I believe changing gene expression, which goes beyond diet, must be a part of a successful program.

What is The Role of Hormones in Diabetes?

The second point I want to make is that the receptors to hormones, including insulin, reside on the cell membrane. What this means is that when the membrane is inflamed, the hormone cannot communicate with the receptor and get its message into the cell where it needs to go for normal function. This is called hormone resistance, and in the case of diabetes, it’s called insulin resistance.

Simply put, the cell cannot hear the hormone insulin in order to bring the glucose needed for energy into the cell. The glucose then builds up in the blood leading to elevated blood glucose.

Elevated blood glucose causes many unwanted symptoms including rapid degeneration, more inflammation and premature aging. If you want to age faster than anyone you know on the inside and out, raise you blood glucose.

Elevated glucose, and therefore insulin, also inhibits the conversion of thyroid hormone T4 to an active version of the hormone T3. It’s the active version that gives you energy and helps you burn fat for energy. If this conversion is being slowed due to insulin, you will gain weight and not be able to sustain normal energy.

Taking a hormone replacement does very little because it is in the form of T4, and will not convert to the T3 that works in your cells to allow you to feel good. Additionally, the fact that hormone resistance effects most hormone receptors on the cell (insulin, thyroid, estrogen etc.) and can cause diabetes and hypothyroid, the interference it has in the conversion from T4 (non-active hormone) to T3 (active hormone), adds to the fact that most diabetics end up with thyroid conditions.

Learn How to Reverse Diabetes

You will learn this and more at the upcoming Blood Sugar Balance Health Experience.  It is not about ONE thing! It is about removing interference and improving function in all 5 Essentials of health so your body can heal itself.



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