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The Best Water Filter For Healthy Drinking Water [Video FAQ]

I get a lot of questions about healthy water.

What kind of water should I drink? What’s the best filter?

So I want to go through a couple of different options for you today to really understand what works best, because water really is essential.

How to Get Safe, Non-Toxic Drinking Water

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What Kind of Water Filter Works Best?

80% of your brain is made up of water.

Many people don’t drink enough water. And unfortunately, there’s so much toxic water that’s out there.

Worst Water Is Tap Water

The absolute worst water you can ever get is tap water – the water that comes directly out of your sink. Tap water is so full of chemicals.

  • Chlorine.
  • Heavy metals like lead.
  • Medications that get flushed down the toilet.
  • Added fluoride, which is a known neurotoxin.

So tap water is the absolute worst. Never drink it. Don’t cook with it. Avoid using it as much as possible.

Not All Filtered Water is the Same

Now the next level up is to get some sort of filtered water. So you have something as simple as Britta, which is a charcoal filter that you can get for 30 bucks at the store. There’s ones that go on the tap and there’s ones that go under the sink. There’s machines, and there’s even a whole house filters that you can get.

So I want to go through a few of those options.

High Quality Under Sink Water Filters from Clean Water Solutions

One of the easy ones is to get an under sink unit. So this will specifically go under your sink, which will filter out the water that comes out of your tap. So what we use here in the office is Clean Water Solutions.

This is a two part system. So this is a reverse osmosis system, which pulls out all the toxins of the water. And then also has an ionizer, an alkalizer.

So what does this really do?

Well when you do a reverse osmosis, it pulls out all the toxins, but unfortunately it pulls out the minerals and the other healthy things that come from water as well. So what the ionizer does is it adds and remineralizes the water, and it actually makes the water molecules smaller so they’re easier to be absorbed and actually hydrates your body faster.

Number two is you alkalize the water. So by having a slightly alkaline environment in your body, it’s the healthiest environment for your cells to fight off infection and disease. In fact, when you look at the research on what this water does, it:

  • Helps reduce inflammation.
  • It improves your immune system.
  • It helps with weight loss.
  • It helps with mood.

So many different things are affected by this, just from drinking more healthy water.

This unit goes under your sink so you never have to see it. All you have to do is turn the spout on and all the good stuff comes out. And you only have to change the filter about once a year. That is only about $1,100, which if you drink normal Alhambra water or bottled water, you’re actually saving yourself money.

Why Bottled Water Is Usually Not Healthy

What is bottled water and why is that a concern? Most bottled water comes in plastic and the plastic a lot of times has other toxins that will actually leach into the water, especially if you reuse them or they’re exposed to heat in any way. And what we find is, most of those waters are actually just hose water that’s ran through a filter and then sold to you at a premium.

So really you’re not getting very healthy water from that. It’s best to have your own water system that you use and then use reusable jugs that are glass or a nontoxic form of stainless steel.

Kangan Water Countertop Machines – For Drinking Water and More…

The other form of water that we use, and what I personally use at home is what’s called Kangan water. So Kangan water is a machine that actually goes on your counter and similar to what we see with the Clean Solution’s Water, it filters out all the toxins and ionizes and alkalizes the water.

But the cool part about this machine is you can change the pH. So the different Ph’s have a different purpose.

So you can get the pH as low as 2.5. 2.5 is considered acidic. What do you use acidic water for?

It’s really good for cleaning. And you can use all nontoxic cleaners just by using 2.5 acidic water, which has been shown to kill 99.9% of bacteria viruses and things that will live on surfaces.

So no more having to buy household cleaners, you can use it to clean the floor, clean surfaces. It works amazing. We use it all the time.

You can go up a little higher to do 6.0, which is called beauty water. Beauty water is also slightly acidic, which actually cleanses your skin, opens up your pores and has a regenerative nature for your skin as well.

You can do basic or clean water, which is going to be right at about 7.0, which is really just good, clean, basic water.

Then you can go into the more alkaline waters. You can go from 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, and significantly alkaline 11.0 water.

So I typically drink the 8.5 to 9.5 water because that’s what’s creating the healthy alkaline environment in your body. I will use the 11.0 sometimes to hyper alkalize my body like using baking soda, or we use that a lot to cleanse and clean vegetables.

So just like you would get a vegetable spray or vegetable wash, the 11.0 highly alkaline water does a great job of cleaning off those vegetables and cleaning off any pesticides, herbicides, anything like that, that maybe left or residual on there.

So you’re getting a lot of uses out of this. It takes care of your cleaners, beauty products, the drinking water you would use, and also cleanses for food and vegetables that you would normally consume.

That’s why I feel like that’s still the best option, but at minimum, you want to get some kind of under sink unit. You want to get an under the counter unit, and the ultimate is get a whole house unit.

Whole House Water Filtering?

So Clean Water Solutions that makes the under sink unit will also make an entire whole house unit. The benefit of this, other than drinking water, is the water that you shower with, the water you clean clothes with, all water that you use throughout your whole house will also be filtered and cleansed.

This is the most expensive and takes the most work. But certainly if you have the resources and you want to get the highest level, this is where you want to go.

We can help you with all of these things. If you have questions, I am a qualified distributor for all of these. I’m here to help answer questions and help you get the resources that you need to get started with healthy, clean water.

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