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New Life Chiropractic Rocklin Exists to Provide Patients With Sustainable Health

happy woman with arms out in the mountainThis week is Family Health Improvement Week!! Our office exists to transform lives through chiropractic and the 5 Essentials of Max Living! We’re here to bring natural healthcare and wellness to our patients, transforming their lives through sustainable health.

With a focus on chiropractic and a natural, holistic approach, we are here to help people better understand and manage their health now to keep them healthy long-term.

Let Your Body Heal Naturally – Focus on the 5 Essentials

We believe that your body can return to a state of optimal health naturally. This can be achieved through our guiding principles — the 5 Essentials of MaxLiving.

We want to empower longer, healthier lives through chiropractic care and an integration of these 5 Essentials.

The 5 Essentials to optimum health start with:

  1. chiropractic care as the foundation,
  2. developing the right mindset,
  3. pure and simple nutrition,
  4. exercise and oxygen,
  5. and minimizing toxin exposure.

I believe wholeheartedly that is every man, woman and child were under regular chiropractic care and living the 5 Essentials we would have the healthiest community in America if not the world!!

Achieving 100% of Your Health Potential

Your health potential is always 100%, the most important aspect is that you are able to find and reduce anything interfering with the optimum expression of that health potential. This is the time to trust and have faith in your body’s ability to heal itself. To know with absolute certainty that you are intelligently designed and that your body has the capacity to regulate all functions and all health at 100%.

You all deserve to look and feel amazing, be happy and productive, and live your lives to the max! As a patient in the office, you are doing that every day. There are many others who do not have that opportunity and who need your help.

Each day thousands die from preventable lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Hundreds more die from the medical care they seek to heal them from medications, doctor errors, adverse side effects of surgeries, infections from hospitals and so much more. The cost of medical care is going up and up each year, yet outcomes are getting worse and we have more sick people living on medications just to get through the day.

We are in a health crisis and enough is enough. We have decided to no longer accept this as normal and made it our life’s work to change this and offer natural, drug-free solutions and long-term preventative health care so you never have to go through that suffering.

Who Do You Know That Can Benefit From Better Health?

Everyone in your life: spouse, kids, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors can benefit from better health. Most people take better care of their car or their teeth than their health and well-being.

Many people have lost faith in their body’s ability to heal and think that they need something from the outside to “cure” their ailment. The body is a self-healing organism. The power to heal travels from your brain through your spinal cord out your nerves to your organs and tissues. Your body is so amazing that it knows how to heal at 100%, 100% of the time… it needs no help, just no interference.

Interference in the 5 Essentials, especially interference to the nervous system, will decrease function and build dis-ease.

It is time to maximize your health and inspire those in your life to do the same.

Commit to helping just one person in your life that needs it the most and I promise they will thank you for changing their life!

Join Us On This Health Mission

This week is friends and family week. Bring your family and friends to the office for just $40 all week.