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Stress is killing you. Why you must reduce it now.

Stress can be a really good thing. But what happens to your body when you are constantly under stress? How can you reduce stress naturally?

Normal and Healthy Stress Response

If you’re in a fight or you have to run for your life because a dog is chasing you or something, stress is good. When your body creates a stress response, it shuts off systems that it doesn’t need like:

  • Your immune system.
  • Your digestive system.
  • Your kidneys .
  • A lot of your smart brain programs.

Then it increases other responses like:

  • Your senses.
  • Your blood flows to your extremities.
  • Your muscles get stronger.
  • All of your capillaries dilate or constrict so that way you can pump blood faster.

This response is a good thing because it increases your ability to exit that situation. That’s a good stress.

Unhealthy Stress Responses

Nowadays we are bombarded with stressors that don’t require the normal physical stress response, but it happens anyway.

  • You’ve got to pay the mortgage.
  • Your boss is riding you.
  • Deadlines are looming.
  • Test at school.
  • Shuttling the kids everywhere.

There’s a million things that are happening right now that are stresses in our lives.

Stress is Shutting Down Your Body

If you’re under stress several hours a day, multiple days each week, your body is continually shutting down critical systems and elevating your stress response.

  • It’s causing high blood pressure.
  • It’s causing insulin to be off.
  • It’s causing thyroid dysfunction.
  • It’s decreasing your immmune function.

That’s not a good thing. That’s why over 90% of chronic conditions are linked to stress.

Stress itself is more prevalent now than ever. In fact, studies show that 44% of Americans are more stressed now than they were five years ago.

The more you can remove those stresses, the better you are. What can you do to reduce stress?

  • Improve your mindset. Avoid watching the news and other negative things on TV.
  • Take up activities you enjoy.
  • Spend more time with your family and other people you love.
  • Take time to meditate.
  • Spend time in gratitude

Not enough people are doing this. Why? Because we’re so stressed about the stuff that we have to get done. We don’t have time to do all that anti-stress stuff, right?

I said that same thing. I’m guilty of the exact same thing, but you’ve got to keep it calm and to slow it down and make that happen.


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  • How to bring your testosterone levels up to par.
  • How to keep your mood steady.

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