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What Kinds of Stress Increase the Risk of Heart Attack?

There are 3 things that control heart function and affect cholesterol levels, heart disease, and heart attack risk. The great news is you can take control of all 3 of these factors.

  1. Autonomic nervous system dysregulation from chronic spinal stress.
  2. Chronic emotional stress that affects cortisol and stress hormones
  3. Metabolic stress from inflammatory foods and vitamin deficiencies.

How Does Stress Increase Heart Attack Risk?

The most important heart attack trigger is a poorly functioning nervous system.

The real revolution in the prevention and treatment of heart disease will come with the increased understanding of the role played by the autonomic nervous system in the genesis of ischemia and the measurements of the toll of heart rate variability. The central nervous system controls conscious functions such as muscle and nerve function. The autonomic nervous system controls the function of the internal organs… – Thomas Cowan, MD

There are 2 nervous system branches that play a role in stress levels.

  1. Sympathetic branches are related to the fight or flight stress response.
  2. Parasympathetic branches are related to relaxation – calm, rest, relax and repair.

According to Dr. Cowan who was quoted above, “80% of the ischemic events (heart attacks) are preceded by a significant, often drastic reduction in parasympathetic activity…” high amounts of stress or sympathetic imbalance. “Physical and emotional stress cause a decrease in parasympathetic activity. On the other hand, the main drugs used in cardiology upgrade the parasympathetic nervous system which actually block that from happening. So, heart disease is fundamentally caused by a deficiency in the parasympathetic nervous system. And, the solution is to obscure and nurture and protect that system above anything else.”


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