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Get Healthy Now! Start Your Health Journey Now

Just this past week I had multiple patients share the amazing health changes they have experienced since starting care in the office! There are people:

  • getting off medications for the first time in years
  • patients losing weight
  • lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
  • sleeping better
  • more energy
  • reducing chronic pain to be active with they family again.

This is just in the past week.  At the same time I have patients telling me about how members of their family or friends were just diagnosed with cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease and other debilitating issues.  These are the people we are trying to reach. 

Are You Waiting Until Your Health Gets Worse?

People always have reasons why they are not engaging in their health; maybe it is money or time? I have also had many people tell me they want to start working on their care and their health after tomorrow, or saying “I will start the advanced plan or my home exercises next week.”  

The thing I would like everyone to consider is when is NOW the right time to get started. 

Why wait until it gets worse?  The reason you must start now is because tomorrow becomes next week, next week becomes next month, next month becomes 3 months and starting when things calm down or everything is perfect never happens.

If you do not value your health who will?  What happens when you lose your health? Is there anything more important? I am here to help you maximize your health NOW into next week, into the next year and for the rest of your life!

How New Life Chiropractic Partners with You on Your Health Journey

The mission of Max Living and New Life Chiropractic is to eliminate unnecessary suffering through the 5 Essentials of health.  To change the way families, view and manage health for a greater community and a greater country.

Our purpose is to help every patient, along with your friends and family, live life to your maximum health potential.  You all deserve to look and feel amazing, be happy and productive as well as live your lives to the max!

As a patient in the office, you are doing that every day.  There are many others who do not have that opportunity and who need your help.

Upcoming Opportunities to Expand the Health of Your Family

This week we are 110% focused on helping those people you know that need our help.

  • This week is the last opportunity to sign up for the Community Health Mission Dinner on March 21st.
  • This week is our Patient Appreciation week where all guests will receive their 5 Essentials Health Evaluation for just $40. Everyone in your life: spouse, kids, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors can benefit from this opportunity.

The body is a self-healing organism, the power to heal travels from your brain through your spinal cord out your nerves to your organs and tissues.  Your body is so amazing that it knows how to heal at 100%, 100% of the time… it needs no help just no interference.

Interference in the 5 Essentials, especially interference to the nervous system, will decrease function and build disease.  It is time to maximize your health and inspire those in your life to do the same.  Commit to helping just one person in your life that needs it the most and I promise they will thank you for changing their life!