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Overtired? Not Sleeping Well? How to End Your Sleep Struggles Naturally

I see people come into my office everyday with all types of health issues and health concerns. One of the most common things I see is that people are overtired and they’re not sleeping very good.

Are you able to fall to sleep at night or is your brain wired and too full of energy?

Maybe you have no problem falling asleep, but you’re waking up during the night and you’re not able to fall back asleep? Or waking up early and you can’t go back to sleep?

Or maybe you sleep a normal amount of hours, but you wake up and you’re still tired. You don’t feel rested and you feel like you’ve got to have a nap throughout the day. You’ve got to have a second, or third cup of coffee.

Any of these issues can make you feel like you’re always robbed of energy and that really interferes with the quality of your life.

Watch this video to learn how to end your sleep struggles naturally

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Has Your Sleep Struggle Led You on a Never Ending Quest For a Solution?

If you’re somebody that struggles with sleep, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now for most people, they look for other types of interventions. They look for maybe some type of supplements, some type of diet or lifestyle change, maybe a medication.

In fact, here in America, over $10,000,000,000 is spent every single year on sleep medications. This doesn’t include all the things people get over the counter and all the stimulants.

  • There’s a Starbucks on every single corner.
  • There’s a million different energy drinks that are available, making more money every single year because so many people are overtired and they’re not sleeping.

The Link Between Sleep Issues and Subluxation

I see people come in with this problem all the time and what we find is the number one cause of this issue is a subluxation at the top part of their spine.

There’s three areas of your nervous system, the brain, the spinal cord and the nerve roots. When any one of those is interfered with or has pressure on it, your body’s not going to function correctly.

The top bone in the spine is what affects the brain stem, and that’s the most important area of the nervous system. That’s your C-1.

There’s many different issues that you’re going to notice as an effect of interference to this area of the spine and one of those is sleep issues like insomnia, chronic fatigue, and tiredness.

This is because C-1 subluxation is directly interfering with the neurotransmitters of your brain. The hormones and chemicals of your brain that tells your body you’re tired, that wakes your body up, that regulates your circadian rhythms, that regulates the release of Melatonin and other things that are necessary for proper sleep and proper rest.

Subluxation ins this area also affects the pituitary gland and this controls a lot of your adrenal systems which regulates stress. If your adrenals are overworked or burnt out, they’re not going to work correctly either. That’s going to further interrupt your sleep.

So if you’re struggling with sleep in any way and you’re just tired, you don’t feel well rested.

One of the biggest things I see within just a couple of days, weeks or even the first month of chiropractic care, is people telling me,

I’m sleeping better.

Sometimes for the first time in years my patients are feeling rested, and we want to help you too. If you want to get some help, contact us for an appointment. We can help you get the top of your spine evaluated, that may be causing your sleep issue, remove the interference and allow your body to heal itself naturally from the inside out.

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