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Sick Care vs Health Care: There Is A Difference and a Solution

When it comes to health, you HAVE to have a plan for your family if you want to be successful with your health journey. Most importantly, you must have the right health care plan, otherwise your plan may be leading right into more sickness, more disease, and an early death.

Evaluating Your Health Plan: Sick Care or Health Care?

The following is a health plan analysis. Honestly evaluate where you and your family are in health. This may upset some people, but if you are honest and take ownership of your health, this is an opportunity to change the way you view and manage your health.

Health plan A or health plan B. If you are in health plan A in any aspect, you are setting yourself up for failure short and long term. Health plan B brings success. Just look at the results…

Plan A (The Sick Care Plan)

  • If you feel good, then you must be healthy because your perception of health is based on how you feel
  • Being ok with taking medications to manage symptoms for blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, etc. for YEARS and never find out why you have the problem.
  • Consistently say, “It runs in my family” or “I am just getting older” for being the reason you have health problems.
  • Make your health decisions based on IF your insurance company pays for it. Only get x-rays if they pay, only see the doctor if they pay, only go to doctors who are IN the insurance network. Only see the chiropractor for the allowed number of visits per year.
  • Think that having “okay” results on your yearly or bi-yearly physical actually means you are healthy.
  • Wait until you have a symptom OR until your symptom gets bad to address your issue.
  • Not exercising or moving your body on a daily basis.
  • Not following a healthy nutrition plan and not taking quality supplementation because it is too expensive or too hard.
  • Using conventional cleaning and personal care products in the home and life.
  • Not taking the time for sleep, rest, mindfulness, etc. for managing healthy stress levels.
  • Not making your health a priority and missing workout, missing sleep, missing appointments & home care, etc.

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Plan B (The Health Care Plan)

  • Judge your health based on how you are functioning, not just how you are feeling, with a goal of optimum function!
  • If on a medication, figure out what the cause of the problem is and create a plan to get off of it as fast and safe as possible.
  • Know that lifestyle affects over 95% of disease and that YOU have control of your health and the health of your family, not your genes.
  • Take responsibility and invest in your health every day. Not making excuses for why you have health issues. Know that every dollar invested in prevention saves hundreds on disease.
  • Check your nerve system regularly since it controls your entire body. Get adjusted because of all of the research showing its benefits on improving the natural health, function and adaptability of your body.
  • You focus on natural, drug free solutions with the doctors that best fit your health needs, not by who is the cheapest or on your insurance plan.
  • Create an empowering mindset of health instead of reacting once you get injured or get diagnosed with disease.
  • Have a fitness plan that incorporates movement as part of your lifestyle
  • Have a nutrition plan that you follow, not a diet, and use supplementation as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid the common sources of toxicity and work on detoxing your body for maximum function.
  • Make time for mindfulness, sleep, rest, relationships and gratitude in your life to reduce the effects of stress.
  • Your health and the health of your family is a high priority, you are consistent and committed to doing what it takes to get and stay well as part of a lifetime plan of optimal wellness!!

You cannot build health by just avoiding sickness. If you are not building health, then you are building disease; it’s that simple.

What are you doing today to build health? Do you have a plan?

The easiest plan is to eliminate one more part of Plan A above from your life and add one more part of Plan B.

Take action today. Keep executing the plan little by little and don’t forget we are here to help you!