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Does High Cholesterol Increase Heart Attack Risks?

Have you had your cholesterol levels checked lately?

You can’t watch a commercial on TV without seeing at least one medication commercial in there talking about cholesterol and how it is bad for you. You probably get it checked on a regular basis when you go in for your physical. There are screenings for it all over the place.

Are you wondering what are the risk factors of high cholesterol?

High Cholesterol Fact and Fiction

It’s not cholesterol that causes heart disease. It’s the oxidation of that cholesterol that starts to cause a problem.

There’s more people that have heart attacks with normal cholesterol than those who have high cholesterol because it’s not the clogging of your arteries that causes heart attacks.

There’s a higher death rate with low cholesterol than high.

Are There Really Risk Factors of High Cholesterol?

Watch the cholesterol medication commercials and listen carefully in the end. They all say, “Will not prevent heart attack and stroke.”

Cholesterol is important in your body. It’s what creates a lot of healing. It’s what makes up a lot of neurological tissues. It’s what controls some of your primary hormones. If you don’t have cholesterol, you can be creating a worse problem.

Any potential risk factors of high cholesterol are overshadowed by the risks of lowering your cholesterol too much!

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a substance that’s created from your liver. It’s created by your body, and its primary purpose it to repair damage. It’s made up of two different compounds, the LDLs and the HDLs.

Cholesterol is responsible for manufacturing:

  • bile
  • vitamin D
  • estrogen
  • testosterone
  • cortisone
  • and a host of vital other hormones.

All of these hormones are necessary so obviously cholesterol is necessary. So what happens when you lower or block cholesterol?


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