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3 Ways to Remove Excess Estrogens Naturally

Worried about having too much estrogen in your body? Afraid of the conventional treatments prescribed by doctors? Watch this short video segment to learn how to remove excess estrogens from your body naturally.

Here’s how to clear estrogens out of the body

1) You start eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, and cabbage. These are great for you. Need ideas on how to add them to meals? Try the Metabolix Book and learn how cruciferous veggies can replace things like potatoes and pasta and rice.

Your mom was smart when she said, “Eat your broccoli when you were a kid.” There’s a reason for that because it’s healthy for you. And, the more raw you eat these, the better.

Now, raw brussel sprouts isn’t exactly awesome, right? Cabbage can be though. Broccoli can be. You can juice some of these things. You got lots of ways to get it into your body, so try all the different ones.

  1. Juice it
  2. Blend it
  3. Eat it raw
  4. Cook it (but the less you cook it, the better)

If you’re going to cook these vegetables, it’s better to steam them then actually put in the water. If you ever cook broccoli and the water is green, it lost all the good stuff! And, don’t steam it until it’s soft and falling apart. Just until soft enough to where you are able to eat it.

One of the amazing benefits of cruciferous vegetables is that they are free of carbs. You can eat them anytime. You get amazing health benefits, antioxidants, lots of vitamins and nutrients, plus you’re draining estrogens out of your body.

This advice applies for everybody– kids, men, women, it makes a big difference.

2) Try dandelion greens. You can make teas. You can get dandelion supplements. You can juice dandelion. I hear it all the time. There are some patients I know that eat it. I don’t do that. It doesn’t taste that good, but you can.

3) Milk thistle is excellent, too. It’s for your liver, and it helps cleanse out your liver and helps it process a lot of these estrogens. Nearly everything has to pass through your liver to get to the rest of the body.

Your liver is your primary detox organ. When the liver gets overwhelmed; that’s when we start to create problems.


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