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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Chiropractor

Today, I want to talk to you about a question that people ask me all the time.

How do I find a great chiropractor?

Within Chiropractic there are so many different approaches. Many of our patients want to find a chiropractor similar to our office, for a friend or family member, where they’re focused on natural, functional, structural correction.

I always send them a list of seven questions to ask and you should be doing the same thing. Whether that’s for yourself, or you want to refer a friend or a family member to a chiropractor, make sure they always ask these questions to know that they’re finding somebody who’s going to give them the best, highest quality of care possible.

Learn the Best Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Chiropractor

Watch the video now!

Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

Question #1: Do you take x-rays?

This is one of the most important distinctions of a corrective care chiropractor versus just a symptom based chiropractor.

Question #2: Are your adjustments customized to the needs of the patient based on the x-rays?

You want to find out if they actually get listings and adjust based upon those x rays that is customized for each and every patient. You never want to go somewhere where they’re doing the same thing for every single person, no matter what their condition or what’s going on with them as an individual.

Question #3: Do you rake x-rays throughout care to confirm that things are changing?

Especially during initial corrective care it is critical to see how the body’s adapting because things change over time and you want to make sure that there’s a plan to adapt your treatment as your body adapts.

Question #4: Is there a plan for your care?

Is the plan just based upon symptoms? Do you just come in when you’re in pain, or what works well for you, or what’s on your insurance plan, or is there an actual plan where you have a number of visits for a period of time?

Are there re-evaluations that include x-rays to ensure that your treatment is achieving the outcomes that you’re going for? To ensure that there is functional and structural correction that is occuring and continuing over time?

Ideally, you want to get adjusted for the rest of your life. Did the chiropractor mention that?

Question #5: Is that chiropractor sufficient and familiar with correcting spinal disc injuries?

Question #6: Do they take care of babies, children and family?

Question #7: Are these protocols designed to create functional, structural, corrective care that stops and reverses degeneration and restores healthy function of the brain and nervous system?

If you find somebody that can answer yes to all seven of these questions, you know you have a great chiropractor!

If you’re in the greater Sacramento area and you’re looking for someone just like this, this is exactly what we do.

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