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How Your Kids Can Benefit From Preventive Chiropractic Care

Today I want to talk about a very important topic, which is why do kids get adjusted? The top two reasons why people will bring their kids to chiropractors are:

  1. ear infections
  2. digestive issues

Many people know that chiropractic can help with these things naturally to avoid antibiotics and other medical interventions that have their own set of side effects and typically don’t really correct the underlying cause.

Watch this video to learn more ways preventive chiropractic care can help your child

Watch the video now!

Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

When we look at why we have kids here in our office, we do see people coming in with conditions. That’s usually where a lot of people start coming to the chiropractor, but what they start to notice is that their children’s health improves and they actually come and stay on a preventative basis.

Why New Life Chiropractic Has So Many Children as Patients

We are a family wellness office, so we see kids, adolescents, and teenagers. The whole purpose of this is to help their bodies start at their best.

You can see here, these are many of the kids that we have coming into the office.

If you’ve ever been to our office before, there’s always kids running around. We have many children that are patients in the office and whole families are coming in year after year. Families come back with their kids because they and their kids are:

  • sick less often
  • getting injured less
  • taking less medication
  • requiring fewer doctor visits
  • spending less money on medical care because they’re actually healthier overall.

And the research supports the same thing.

Case Studies of Children Receiving Chiropractic Care

So I want to go through a few examples with you so you understand how this process is working and why we’re seeing that kids who are under regular chiropractic care are the healthiest kids in our community year after year.

Why Kids Who Appear Healthy Need Adjusted

So I’m going to go through some examples of why children need to be adjusted. Many parents ask me, why do I need to get my child checked? Well, what we found is many children can experience subluxation without even having symptoms.

Subluxation Often Starts at Birth

Most likely subluxation started from the birth process itself. So many things can happen there.

Maybe you had a C-section. The baby didn’t go through the birth canal, so the skull wasn’t compressed like it needed to. The spine wasn’t compressed, the fluids weren’t pumped out, which can cause subluxation from birth.

Maybe it was a difficult delivery. Labor was stalled and you had a lot of contractions. It was a long labor time and the head kept pushing and pushing and pushing into the birth canal, which can shift things out of alignment in the neck.

Maybe forceps or vacuum delivery had to be used to extract the neck, which can actually cause damage to the brain stem and spinal cord itself.

Perhaps intervention had to be used like Pitocin or inducement, which will speed up and intensify the contractions and you actually put more compression on the baby’s head.

Perhaps it was even a natural, healthy birth that could still have put tension in there just because of the process itself.

The birth process causes subluxation in over 95% of the cases that we see in children, and it goes undetected. It immediately starts to affect the function of the brain and the nervous system.

The two most common reasons parents bring kids to the chiropractor as I said earlier, are ear infections, and digestive system problems.

Ear Infections Can Be Resolved With Chiropractic Care

This is Kayla. She has had ear infections from the time she was very young, multiple times per year, her entire life. She underwent multiple rounds of antibiotics, multiple medications, trips to the ER, and severe debilitating pain. The doctor even wanted to do surgical tubes in her ears, but her mom didn’t want that.

Thankfully, another mom who had had a similar experience and brought her child to the chiropractor referred her into our office where she was able to get checked. What we found was she had a complete loss of the normal curve in her neck.

Likely she had subluxation her entire life, which was interfering with the nerve function going into her ears, going into her eyes, nose, throat, and affecting her immune system function.

This was the cause of her ear infections.

No doctor looked for this cause and was only treating the effect. It wasn’t until Kayla started coming in for regular chiropractic care that there was any change in her health.

After just four months of corrective chiropractic care, there was a complete restoration of the curve. What this did was correct the cause. Remove the interference to the nervous system and her body healed itself. Kayla never had another ear infection.

Kayla was also developing allergies and digestive problems. She was on multiple medications. She was having difficulty with focus and sleep.

Now she’s focusing just fine. She’s functioning normally.

There wasn’t something wrong with her medically. She had an interference that was keeping her body from functioning as it should. Once we found and corrected that interference, her body was able to heal itself naturally.

Now, four months later, no more digestive problems. No more ear infections, no more medications. A normal healthy child.

That’s amazing. That’s exactly why we get kids checked here in our office.

Preventative Care Keeps Kids Healthy

I want to go through another example. Very similar x-ray, complete loss of normal curve, significant brainstem, spinal cord compression. This child here had no symptoms.

Most kids that are getting checked in our office are on a preventative basis. You see, his mom started care in the office and learned these principles, and as a parent, who’s the first person you think she wanted to get checked?

Of course, it’s her kids, right?

As parents, I have kids of my own. I checked both my children the minute that they were born and made sure that they started life off at 100%. We did find issues and they continue to get checked at least a couple of times a month.

Just think about where this child’s health would be in five years. Had we never found this where would his health be in 10 years?

  • Another child that has asthma
  • another child with allergies and food intolerances.
  • Another child with ADHD.
  • A child that has headaches, neck pain, depression, ior anxiety.

These things are all very common. We see things like this all the time.

You see people don’t understand that only 10% of your nervous system, even detects symptoms and pain and you have to have a 40% loss of normal function of any organ, cell or tissue before you notice that symptom. So by the time Michael here, noticed the symptom, it would have been so much worse.

The best miracles are the things that never happened.

How amazing is it that we are able to find and correct this so that it doesn’t become another major health issue? This was his x-ray just a few months later. Full correction. [see image above].

Childhood is the Best Time to Fix Subluxation

When a child is young is the most important time for the development of the brain and nervous system.

  • Zero to two is where a majority of the nervous system develops.
  • Zero to seven is when you can completely change the entire health future of somebody neurologically.
  • After age seven subluxation becomes very difficult to correct and sometimes can never get a full resolution.

Full Correction of Childhood Scoliosis

I want to go through one more example. This is scoliosis.

Lindsay at age 12 was checked for scoliosis in school. They knew she had a problem then, but they did nothing about it. They said, we’re just gonna wait and see what happens, but again, her parents understood this principle.

They knew that even just 1% loss of function has an effect on her health and they wanted to make sure that wasn’t going to happen.

She had 15-degree scoliosis and at just age 12 she was able to get started with corrective chiropractic care while it was at its most correctable. She had no symptoms, but we know scoliosis over a lifetime can take up to 14 years off your life.

From the medical research we know that scoliosis can not just cause massive pain and distortion of posture but can also affect the function of cells, tissues, organs, people will develop digestive problems, endocrine issues, heart and lung problems, and chronic pain issues.

She’s never going to have to experience any of that because she was able to find and correct it early. This is her x-ray six months later. [See image above]

Through corrective chiropractic care, she was able to get a full correction and is now able to maintain that with visits a couple of times a month.

Chiropractic Care Can Prevent Issues and Lead to a Healthier Life

At New Life Chiropractic Rocklin we’re not just about helping people feel better by correcting neck and back pain. We’re about restoring function and helping people prevent issues from coming up so they can live a healthier life naturally. By maintaining that correction you make sure it never goes back here again.

These are just a couple of examples of why all kids need to get checked. So if you have children, whether they’re having health issues or not, and you want to make sure they’re living the healthiest life possible, naturally, make sure they’re getting checked by a corrective care chiropractor.

Make sure your kids are getting checked and adjusted regularly so they may have the best chance to live the healthiest life possible. That’s exactly what we do. We empower families to live a healthy life, naturally with the Five Essentials of Max Living.

If you need help and live in our area, schedule an appointment now. If you live outside this area, go to to find a corrective care chiropractor near you who can help you through this corrective process.