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How to Prevent and Defeat Cancer with Your Mind - Week 1

Knowing isn’t half the battle. It is the battle. Understand the enemy’s weaknesses to conquer your fears. Subluxation subverts even the healthiest looking people and allows disease to develop.

This week you will adopt the mindset of an Overcomer and begin maximizing your body’s powerful nerve supply. If you believe you have the power to prevent cancer with your mind, or defeat it if you’ve already been diagnosed—and your nervous system is primed to fight— then you can become a powerful Cancer Killer.

Core Chiropractic & Mindset


Write down every baseline health number you can think of (blood pressure, weight, waist size, resting heart rate, body mass index, etc.). Your hard work over the next four weeks will improve all of them.


Schedule a visit with Dr. Tim at New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin. Whether it’s your first appointment or you’re a long-time patient, today is the day to double-down on your dedication to health.


Discover motivation! Set three goals you want to accomplish during
this challenge. Focus on viewing trivial daily choices in terms of these three goals. You’ll recognize the impact of small decisions.


Cut the carbs. Bread, pasta, and other refined carbohydrates cause cravings and artificially stimulate hunger. You can defeat these cravings in as little as seven days, so start now.


Mental strength is the cornerstone of lasting change, and belief is
 the secret behind that strength. First thing in the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself aloud that you 100-percent believe in your ability to change.


Not a morning person? You don’t have a problem getting up early; you have a problem going
 to bed late. Reconsider your perception of daily routines. You’ll find plenty of room for improvement.


Feeling tempted to take the easy route? Stay strong and remember one of our favorite quotes:

My commitment must be stronger than my emotions are at this moment.

Hungry for Cancer Fighting Recipes?

Join us at Recipe Night: Learn to create real health while enjoying delicious desserts. Call to RSVP.

Monday November 2nd, 6:30pm-7:30pm