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Why ALL Pregnant Women Need Regular Chiropractic Care

Why do all pregnant women need regular chiropractic care?

When it comes to having a healthy pregnancy, healthy delivery, and ultimately a healthy, naturally born child, it’s all about making sure that the pelvis and the nerves of your lower back are completely balanced.

Learn Why All Pregnant Women Need Regular Chiropractic Care

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How Pelvic Subluxation Slows Down Delivery

The pelvis sits at the base of your spine. [Refer to video] This is the pelvis from the back. Normally it should look like this, with both your hips balanced. Everything should be in the proper position.

When it’s like this, your baby can effectively sit where it needs to sit and everything works the way it should. Many times we have subluxation of the pelvis, which means it actually tilts and rotates. As you can see, when that happens it actually affects the balance of the pelvis itself.

When it comes time for delivery of the baby, the pelvis opens up. But if it’s tweaked, it won’t open properly. The space in the middle is not the same.

This is called distocia, and it slows down the delivery process. This often leads to doctors wanting to do interventions. The key to make sure that doesn’t happen is that your pelvis is in alignment.

How Lower Back Subluxation Causes Pregnancy Pain

A lot of women will also have back labor or back pain or hip or leg problems during pregnancy. That’s a nerve issue coming from the lower back. Because if the pelvis is out of alignment, then it affects those nerves. And these nerves go to all your lower abdominal organs, reproductive organs, muscles of your low back, and muscles into your legs.

How Pregnancy Chiropractors Improve Your Chances of a Safe, Natural Delivery

What we do as chiropractors who work with pregnant women is we actually make sure that the pelvis itself is balanced. If there’s any area of subluxation, we work on correcting that.

We make sure all the ligaments and muscles that surround the pelvis area are also in balance and there’s no amount of tension on the uterus itself because that creates what’s called intrauterine constraint. Intrauterine constraint can actually affect positioning of the baby, movement of the baby, and cause a lot of issues during pregnancy as well.

Then we make sure all the nerves that are going to all of your reproductive organs, including the nerve supply into the uterus, which is basically a giant muscle, are functioning properly. So that way when it comes time to have contractions and deliver the baby, everything opens up the way it should.

Finally, we make sure all the nerves to the organs are functioning correctly without any type of interference. When you have this type of balance..

  • when the pelvis is balanced
  • the muscles
  • the ligaments
  • the spine

You’re going to have the absolute best nerve supply, best functional and structural health. So that way you can have the best possible outcomes.

And that’s why every single woman needs to be checked by corrective care chiropractor. My wife, Dr Catherine, and I both specialize in care for pregnant women, post pregnancy care, and of course children. So if you are pregnant, or you know somebody who is, make sure they’re getting checked by a corrective care chiropractor.,We do some very specific techniques to make sure all these things are in balance and you have the best possible outcomes.

And always remember too, once that baby is born, first thing that needs to happen is that he or she is getting checked as well. Because even a normal, healthy birth process can create subluxation, especially in the neck of a young child. And by correcting that, you’re starting them off at a hundred percent from birth on to the rest of their life.

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