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How To Pick Healthy Foods At The Grocery Store: A Guided Tour

Confused about which foods are healthy? Have you ever wanted to be taken by the hand and shown which foods to buy at the grocery store that will be best for you and your family?

Dr. Tim Smith from New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin recorded a guided shopping tour covering the food groups he gets asked about most often.

Come join the tour and change your nutrition for good!

How to Choose a Healthy Pasta and Pasta Sauce

  • Avoid pasta sauce that has a lot of sugar. Check out the serving size. A jar that says 6 grams and includes 6 servings has 36 grams of sugar in the jar!
  • Watch out for deceptive labels. They may say things like “All natural” but include chemical ingredients.
  • Search high up and low down on the shelves for the healthier options.
  • Less is more. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, you probably don’t want to eat it.

How to Choose a Healthy Oil and Salad Dressing?

  • For high heat cooking Dr. Tim recommends refined coconut oil or avocado oil.
  • For dressings and toppings consider:
    • Organic, extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil
    • Extra virgin and/or unrefined coconut oil
    • Hemp seed oil
  • Avoid highly processed, unhealthy oils like soybean, corn, vegetable and canola oil
  • Look for salad dressings without unhealthy oils and sugar. A good option is Braggs.

How to Choose Healthy Dairy Products?


  • Good: Organic butter from grass fed cows
  • Better: Ghee (clarified butter)
  • Best: organic and raw butter.
  • Avoid margarine.


  • Good: organic cage free eggs
  • Best: organic free range eggs
  • Avoid: normal eggs that have a higher toxicity


  • Look for organic, low sugar and whole fat.
  • Most yogurts are NOT healthy because they are loaded with sugar.


Almond Milk: Watch out for sugar and artificial ingredients. Avoid carageenan which causes digestive problems.

Coconut Milk: Avoid productst that contain any additives. The best coconut milk has coconut as it’s only ingredient and is usually found in cans.

Cows Milk: 

  • Good: no rBST milk
  • Better: Organic milk
  • Best: Organic raw milk


  • Good: Organic cheese
  • Best: Raw organic cheese
  • Avoid: non-organic cheese

Can Meat Be Part of A Healthy Diet?

We DO recommend including meat in your diet as long as you buy organic and when possible free range and grass fed. This is especially important with beef since it takes 16 pounds of feed to produce 1 pound of beef. This means that any toxins in the feed are compounded in the meat.

  • Avoid nitrates which are common in bacon and deli meats.
  • The terms all natural and USDA mean nothing in terms of health benefits of meat.
  • Avoid packaged meats that have added sugar or preservatives.

I Love Bread! What Are Healthy Bread Options?

  • Good: Organic bread
  • Best: Organic sprouted bread
  • Avoid: breads with sugar and unhealthy oils.

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