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Pelvic Stabilization Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Spine

Today I’m going to show you some exercises you can do for pelvic stabilization. A lot of people will have issues with the pelvis resulting in:

  • pain in the lower back
  • pain in the hips
  • numbness or tingling down into the legs
  • tight muscles in the glutes that make it difficult to walk and run
  • instability when going from a seated to a standing position
  • pain when waking up in the morning.

These are all common warning signs of a pelvic stabilization issue. With corrective chiropractic care and proper home exercise, you can definitely correct this.

Home Exercises to Strengthen the Pelvis

You will need to lie on your back for each of these exercises.  I’m going to show you three specific exercises. This is a 90 set, which means you will do three exercises of 30 sets. Spending a couple of minutes, every single day can really make a big difference in pelvic stabilization for you.

Lie on a flat, fairly firm surface with your knees bent. Put something underneath your neck or your lower back to have a good curve there if needed.

Pelvic Stabilization Exercise #1

  • Put some type of a pillow in between your knees, and squeeze them together gently.
  • Put your hands together, pointing your fingers and your thumbs up and straighten your arms all the way.
  • From this position, you want to slowly bring your arms back as far as you can go without bending your elbows and hold that here for a couple of seconds and bring it back forth.
  • This may feel really tight. You might have pain in the shoulders or pain in the back.
  • Repeat 30 times slowly, going a little bit further each time.

Pelvic Stabilization Exercise #2

The second exercise we’re going to do is the squeeze. With pelvic instability, the muscles on the inside of the legs are going to get very weak.

  • With the pillow between your knees, squeeze your knees together just hard enough to create resistance and hold for three seconds then release.
  • Repeat 30 times.

Again, this may cramp or feel weak. You don’t want to squeeze too hard just hard enough to where you’re creating resistance.

Pelvic Stabilization Exercise #3

The next one we want to do is the opposite of the squeeze. You will be pulling the legs apart.

  • Use a strap like a yoga strap, a towel, or anything that will create resistance and put it around your thighs.
  • Pull your legs gently apart and hold for 3 seconds then relax.
  • You should really feel this on the outside of the legs, into the hips and into the pelvis.

So each of these is good exercises that you can do as part of a spinal rehabilitation program. If you notice in there you have any more pain or issues, stop right away and consult your corrective chiropractor.

If you’re looking for a help with pelvic or lower back issues call our office Rocklin chiropractic office at 916-259-2682.

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