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How To Get Back On Track With Your Health Goals

Now that we’ve gone through the holidays, and a new year is upon us, it’s time to get back on track with your health goals. I know it’s pretty easy to fall off track during the holidays and there’s a lot of things that affect your health in a negative way.

These negative health stressors include anxiety from the holiday season, holiday meals including cookies and snacks, and parties.

Did you know that the average person gains about two to four pounds during the season?

Make 2017 Your Healthiest Year Ever

Now it’s January 2017 and it’s time to not just lose the extra pounds but make 2017 your healthiest year ever. The best part about that, as you move into the new year, is it’s a fresh start.

What Steps Will Will Put Your Health Goals on The Right Track?

  1. A kick-start cleanse where you get in and remove all the toxicity that’s built up
  2. Exercise plan
  3. Weight loss plan with quality nutrition

1. Get On Track With a Cleanse

One of the best ways to do this is to do a cellular detox. With a cellular detox, you will get all the toxins out of your cells and take the stress off things like your liver and your digestive system, your lymphatic system, and your kidneys.

It is critical that you make sure you take a product that will bond to the toxins as they are flushed out of your cells so they are properly eliminated from your body.

As your immune system gets stronger, you start digesting and absorbing food better again, and you remove some of the toxic burden that’s built up over the last couple of months.

2. High-Intensityty Exercise

Get on a high-intensity exercise plan to boost up your hormones and reset your system so you spend time in the fat-burning zone rather than the sugar-burning zone.

3. Weight loss plan with quality nutrition

You’ll need to make some changes to your nutrition.

  • Start by removing bad, unhealthy fats.
  • Remove sugars and processed foods
  • Rehydrate your body with lots of water and quality nutrition
  • Add in good, healthy fats and the good proteins that you need.

One of the best things you can do is pay attention to the ratio of foods that you’re getting in. Your diet should be about 50% to 60% coming from good, healthy fat.

That’s right. I said at least half your nutrition should be coming from fat! That’s where your energy comes from. And it stimulates your body to burn fat in a more healthy metabolic zone.

Next is make sure you’re getting good, quality proteins, about 15% to 20%. And then, you wanna get whole nutrition carbohydrates in there, mostly from vegetables.

If you’re using any types of grains, make sure they’re coming from natural sprouted grains. Don’t consume simple carbohydrates like white breads and white rice,. Those kinds of foods are really bad for your body.

We’re Here To Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

So as we get into this new year, start to think about what are your goals, what are your outcomes, what do you wanna do for your health this year?

And make sure you’re tuning into our YouTube channel and blog every single week because we’re giving good tips in the new year, how to lose weight effectively, how to keep it off, and how to make this your healthiest year ever.

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