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Can Low Omega 3 Blood Levels Increase Risk of Heart Attack Death?

If you have low blood levels of Omega 3, you are at enormous giant risk for high blood pressure, cardiac death and heart health problems. Do you know why?

Low Omega 3 levels contribute to tons and tons of unregulated inflammation going unchecked throughout your body.

Increase Omega 3 Levels to Reduce Inflammation

Next time you’re looking at increasing omega 3s, don’t think twice about it. If you’re having some types of aches and pains or other issues and you take this, a lot of times, those things go away too. Because the same thing that causes pain is the same thing that causes heart disease.

It’s inflammation!  You can’t have pain without inflammation.

How to Increase Omega 3 blood levels

  • Eat wild-caught fish three times a week at minimum
  • Consume vegetarian Omega’s through flaxseed and chia seed
  • Take cod liver oils
  • Reduce grains and sugars
  • Supplement with natural, high-quality Omega 3

What’s in a high-quality Omega 3?

  • ALA
  • EPA
  • DHA
  • GLA

Most of them are just EPA or DHA, and that’s it. But, if you don’t have all four, you’re still missing a component at that. So, you could be taking “fish oil,” but you’re not getting all the omega 3s that you need.


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