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Nutrition for Weight Loss

Are you wondering on an effective way to lose weight? Why not consider these nutritional advice and two plans you might want to use.

There are two plans:

  • Core plan and
  • Advanced plan.

The core plan is for people who use an abundant amount of energy every single day like athletes. The advanced plan is for people who have a sedentary life. If you are struggling on losing weight and have any kind of health conditions going on now, then this is what you need. It differs from every person, start here and start transitioning into a different plan.

Basic of advanced plan:

  • Eliminate sugars
  • Cut out grains remove bad fats and add good fats
  • Eat very little fruit
  • Avoid toxins

Here are the main things that we need to do. Eliminate sugar and all sources of it like sodas, juices, sweets, and carbs. Hormone damage must be repaired by getting rid of the bad fats and avoid toxicity. This is the basics in the advanced plan. The best thing to do is to eat the best carbs namely vegetables, preferably in their raw form, and a long list of fruits that are gluten-free, sugar-free, no chemical, and no trans-fat.

The next part is moderation. Start adding some carbs back in the diet -beans and lentils- the ones which are easier to digest. Once you re-balance all the hormones, you need to be health-wise. This is where you can start adding in some whole grains and stuffs that’s in the refrigerator, not the ones that sits in the shelf for a month. You can start adding back in brown rice, sweet potatoes, and some of the things like that. But, if you’re on the Advanced Plan, do not go to these things because that’s not going to help you be able to get there.

Join Us at Our Next Community Education Event

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