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How to Fight Inflammation with Normal Omega 3 Levels

Essential fatty acids are, well, absolutely essential! We measure this for people all the time by looking at the level of Omega 3 versus Omega 6 in the bloodstream.

Omega 6 fatty acids come from things like grains, bread, wheat and pasta, and rice. Omega 3 fatty acids, which is the good fat, comes from raw seeds and nuts and wild fish. Normal Omega 3 levels are about 2 to 1. But the average American ratio is 25 to 1. Some people are as high as 30, 40, or 50 to 1.

High Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio causes inflammation

If you need your Omega ratio to be 2 to 1, but you’re 25 to 1, how do you think your body is doing? It’s not doing good!

You’re not doing well at all because you’re full of inflammation. Inflammation is the real cause of most disease.

  • It’s what causes damage to your arteries.
  • It’s what causes pain.
  • It’s what causes endocrine dysfunction.

It causes so many different things. If this is your ratio, that is what’s happening inside of you.

Think You Should Feel Healthy, but You Don’t?

So, you can do all the right things, but you still wake up feeling stiff and icky, That’s because you have too much inflammation. You’re doing all the right things but you’ll notice that you’re still not losing weight, you’re still not getting to where you want to be, because your body has inflammation. And it can cause other issues too including mood swings, affect your monthly cycle, it can affect all the hormones in your body. This is why we want to be able to fix the ratio.

You want to get a lot of Omega 3’s in your diet, a lot more of the good fats, so you can balance the ratio out, but you also want a supplement as well.

A supplement like Optimal Omega is a natural anti-inflammatory. It doesn’t work like ibuprofen or something that actually blocks the pathway. It’s a natural pathway to getting rid of inflammation. It’s what makes up your neurological tissue. It supports joint mobility and nervous system function.

Omega 3’s are becoming mainstream. Now you see commercials on TV. Doctors are prescribing them to some people because finally people are realizing these ratios are so far out in amount.


Have you had the opportunity to join us at one of our community education events yet? If not, we hope you enjoyed this short clip from our recent hormonal health event. At the full event, Dr. Tim Smith from New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin taught how to keep your hormones in check. The presentation included:

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  • How to bring your testosterone levels up to par.
  • How to keep your mood steady.

Dr. Tim sifted through all of the knowledge out there to bring you key information about how to get and keep your hormones in balance. Enjoy all 12 clips from the series and learn how to Discover the Power Within!