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How Your Nervous System Health Affects Your Overall Health

Your Nervous System Controls All Function and Healing

That one powerful system that controls your function and healing is your nervous system, the most important system in your entire body. There is not one thing that goes on in your body that your brain doesn’t control. Your brain sends a message right down your spine out the nerves that tells it what to do.

  • For your heart to be healthy, your brain’s got to send a message there.
  • For your lungs to breathe, there is a message that goes to your lungs.
  • For you to digest food, detox your body to be able to lose weight.

Your body has to send a message to those organs that tells it exactly what to do. And, this system is so amazing, it doesn’t need any help. It already knows what to do since the time you were just weeks old, your brain has controlled the function of your body. Everyday your heart beats and the body knows exactly what to do.

Nervous System Health = Smooth Function

What will happen if you have so many interference because of your lifestyle now that this isn’t doing what it is designed to do? When you look at your spine itself, it’s the master controller of this system. Those messages have to pass through there to be able to get out here.

If we put a pressure on one of those nerves, is it possible for your heart to work at 100%? It doesn’t even matter even if you eat really well or if you exercise really good and you apply everything else you know from here.

A lot of you will come to a chiropractor for pain relief and for other things like that. Pain is just a symptom of your body telling you that there is damage to this system, telling you that there is something wrong.

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