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Is Natural Health Care Weird and Radical or Normal? You Decide!

Please consider how many folks, because of the natural health care lifestyle choices that we make, see our Max Living lifestyle as odd and weird.  I mean, talk about persecution…You would think we were dealing drugs out of the trunk of a car with some of the comments I hear about our health choices.

As we see more and more of our practice members, and our community, making better health choices for their families, I thought it would be interesting for those of you who are skeptical to hear about some of our personal choices for keeping our families healthy.

The Natural Health Care Choices We Make That Many People Think Are Weird

Natural Child Birth & Pregnancy Care

We give birth to our kids at home, when that is a safe option, mainly to avoid a stress-ridden hospital atmosphere, which treats pregnancy as a diagnosable condition, rather than a natural process.

We avoid ultrasounds during pregnancy so that the child is not exposed to dangerous noise that would compare to a freight train running through your living room.  Enough studies have been done showing that ultrasounds interfere with the migration of neurons to the hemispheres of the brain – which is a concern to us as Doctors who focus on the optimal function of the brain and nervous system. There are also studies showing frequent ultrasounds can mess with the development of a child’s tiny inner ear bones.

Non Vaccination

We do not vaccinate our kids because it makes no sense to us to dump than much chemical toxicity into a person and somehow expect health.  In fact, we know much of the autism spectrum disorders (1 in 38 boys today) are a result of the increase in vaccines in recent years (we use double the vaccines of any other country).

The Government is on record saying we are “quacks” for drawing such conclusions. I don’t think that is normal so I guess that makes me a quack.

We then have to file papers with the state for not vaccinating our kids to explain why we think the idea of growing viruses on things like chicken embryos and aborted human fetal tissue is wrong (yes that is how certain common vaccines are manufactured).  We have the joy of listening to many folks in the schools, and medical system, berate us as unscientific and who have accused us of somehow making other children sick (this one is really odd to me because, if vaccines work so well, why would you care if your vaccinated “protected” child is around my unvaccinated child?).

Long-Term Breast Feeding

We breast feed our children for as long as possible because that is perfect food for a baby. Breast milk is the best immune system building, brain developing substance, and antibiotic ever made (high fructose, GMO soy, glutenated cow’s milk with hydrogenated oil filled formula is not).

Treating Illnesses With No Medication

We allow our children to have a fever and do not attempt to beat back colds with antibiotics; we use essential oils, vitamins, herbs and other natural immune boosting foods instead. Yes, it hurts to see one of my children in so much pain and discomfort from a fever.  But, we would rather allow our children’s immune systems to develop naturally so in the long run they have far fewer colds and health problems as they age.

A major benefit of this is colds that take so many of their classmates to get over in weeks, my kids usually shake in a day. In fact, the last time my daughter had a fever we adjusted her multiple times, gave her the right nutrients and vitamins, let her rest and within 1 day she was back to normal.

We do not get flu shots.

Regular Chiropractic Adjustments for Kids

My children have their nervous systems checked weekly, and had their first check-ups minutes after birth.  Yes, our kids get adjusted. No, its nothing like how we adjust an adult.

Avoid the Standard American Diet

We avoid sugar and junk food as best as we can – which is becoming more and more difficult to do today.  My kids don’t eat at McDonalds.

Urgent Care and “Wellness” Visits

We would use urgent care or the emergency room if our kids got really sick or injured.  Fortunately, our kids have never been to either place.

We do not go to our pediatrician for “well” visits where they get more toxic shots and are labeled in some percentile of what normal should be to advocate for more medical intervention. As best as I can tell they vaccinate and give out drugs – from my explanation above you understand why we do not go.

If we need medication, the folks at urgent care will serve that need.

The Challenges of Living a Natural Health Lifestyle

I’ll be open. I was a little concerned to send this out.  Many of our close friends and children’s classmates read my Weekly Wellness Wisdom.

I recognize that we might even lose a few friends over such crazy ideas, in fact I think we already have. But you know what, at some point you just get fed up with how things are in the world.

I am so disgusted with how many struggling, sick children I see today, that I am simply no longer willing to stay quiet. The hospitals in town are growing and expanding – not because people are healthier, but because our community is so much more sick.

I see the immense difference in the kids who get adjusted in our office, and I know we have a solution that the world needs.  If you think that we are quacks for that, then I am OK with that.

If You Think We Are Crazy, Weird “Quacks” We’re Not Right For You

So, if you are disgusted by us, New Life Chiropractic is the wrong place for you.  But, if you like what you read here, we need you in our tribe.

The vision for Max Living is global, to change the way families view and manage health, to eliminate unnecessary suffering and disease with natural drug free solutions.  By that I mean we are working with everything that we have to bring Max Living to everyone in the community.

If You Share the Max Living Vision, Please Join Us

Just imagine if every man, woman and child were getting adjusted and living the Max Living lifestyle we would have the healthiest community it the country!! We obviously need a lot of help to make that dream into reality.

I encourage you to share these notes with your friends if something you read here has the potential to help someone, or even just challenge what they think. Remember life, love, health & healing come from inside of you!

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