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Why Do So Many Max Living Patients Have Miraculous Healing Stories?

As many of you know, this past weekend we all traveled to Orlando for the Max Living Seminar.  At least 5 to 6 times per year we are traveling to different parts of the country to learn, train and be inspired by the best chiropractors and natural health care professionals in the world.  We do this not because we have to, but because that is what it takes to be the best.

I believe that every one of you, our patients, deserve the absolute best!

Successful Chiropractors Shared Their Patients Miraculous Healing Stories

At this seminar, we heard from some of the most successful and most inspiring chiropractors in the world that are changing lives everyday on a grand scale.  Just like in our office, these doctors are seeing miracles every day with their patients.

  • Kids getting off medications
  • People reversing disease
  • People healing without dangerous drugs and surgery
  • Patients getting out of pain, sleeping again, and losing weight
  • People given hope again that they can live their life to their full potential.

This all happens every day because of a principle.  The true principle of health is the most important you must understand to be truly healthy for a lifetime and change the way you view and manage health for you and your family.

New Life Chiropractic Rocklin Mission

Our mission in the office to:

  1. reach the un-reached
  2. to tell the truth
  3. to be the voice of hope
  4. to change the way families view and manage their health to live at their Maximum Health Potential: free of pain, medications, dysfunction and disease.

We do this because we have a vision for the future and a vision of the way the world was intended to be.

How Applying Max Living Principles Activates Your Internal Health

You were not intended to be sick, to be on medications, to be in pain and to be constantly limited by your health.

You were designed to be healthy and your body knows how to heal.  Health does not come from outside it comes from within; from Above, Down, Inside and Out (ADIO).

The vision here at New Life Chiropractic Rocklin is to help over 10,000 families in our community live a 5 Essentials life by being the largest natural health care clinic in the greater Sacramento area with an unshaken commitment to teaching and living the 5 Essentials of Max Living.  As a patient in the office you are a part of that mission, you are a part of that vision and you are a part of the culture of true health.

To be truly healthy, and live a life free of unnecessary suffering the most important thing you must understand is the principle of health. This principle is WHY I do what I do, why I get up early every day, why I train and why we are so invested in the health of you and your family!

The Principle of Innate Intelligence

That principle is simple, it states that your body is self-regulating, self-healing and you have an amazing power within you to heal and be healthy, called Innate Intelligence.  If you are not functioning and healing at your full potential it is because there is interference to that healing power.

Your brain communicates 100% health and healing to your body every second of every day for your entire life.  That healing power is communicated to your body and back to the brain again through your nervous system.  It is your nervous system that regulates the function and health of your body and your body will heal itself from the inside every single time.  No matter what you have going on, how long it has been there, what you have been told or what you believe, this healing power is inside of you right now and has the ability to heal your body and restore your health.

Understanding and trusting this principle will change the way you view and manage health forever.  Knowing that it is not drugs, not your genetics, not your family history, not bad luck or more surgeries that dictate your health; it is allowing that innate healing power to be released in the body so your body heals itself.

That is why Subluxation is so dangerous, why subluxation causes disease and takes years off your life because it interferes with that healing power.  It interferes with communication in the nervous system and interferes with your body’s ability to function and regulate health.  Knowing and understanding this principle and living a principled life will change your future forever.

Share the Principle of Using Your Bodies Innate Intelligence to Heal

As part of the mission of changes lives and helping people we need your help to share this principle, to share this mission and be a part of the greater vision to change lives by giving this truth to others.  The best way to share this mission is to invite people to events like the Brain Fit Experience so they can hear this truth and have the opportunity to change their life for the better and have hope again that a better life is possible!

Join us for the Brain Fit Health Experience on October 14th to learn more about how the 5 Essentials create better brain health.

Sign up today or register online at

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