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New Life Chiropractic Rocklin Has a New Look - MaxLiving Rebrand

As North America’s leading chiropractic organization, we’re unveiling a complete rebrand to help us continue to deliver on our promise to you — providing a natural, proven care system and helping you create your personal health and wellness plan for life.

MaxLiving Rebrand

We’re officially renamed MaxLiving — a name that our doctors, patients, and community often already refer to us by.

Along with a new name comes a complete transformation in our brand, including a new logo, website (coming soon), and online store. Our innovative new identity will better showcase MaxLiving’s expertise in chiropractic and truly represent who we are as a premiere holistic health brand.

Our brand has been revitalized, but you can still expect to experience the same trusted care every time you walk into your Rocklin MaxLiving clinic. Our commitment to transforming lives through chiropractic remains as strong as ever. MaxLiving has been able to help hundreds of thousands of people across North America, and with our new identity, our team is able to transform even more lives.

The Exciting Features of the MaxLiving Rebrand

Over the next month, you’ll see several positive changes to our brand and online presence. Look forward to all of this and more:

  • Sleek website design that’s easy to navigate and interact with
  • Engaging, educational, and inspirational social media
  • New MaxLiving online store makes it easy to find your favorite products
  • The same great products with updated labels and packaging
  • Regularly updated blogs keep you informed on how to keep your family healthy
  • Easily locate your nearest clinic and MaxLiving doctor
  • Find and register for MaxLiving events in your community

The 5 Essentials to Good Health

The 5 Essentials have always been at the core of what we do. Our unique approach to holistic wellness is here to stay — we’ve updated the names of each essential to better reflect how they contribute to improved health and wellness.

Keep up with us online and on social media to experience the new and improved MaxLiving! We’re looking forward to continuing to improve your health through the power of chiropractic. New brand. Same life-changing care.

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