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Max Metabolix Program

Why was the Max Metabolix program created?

Max Metabolix Program (MM) focuses on Max Living’s Essential #3: Nutrition. The program aims to help patients become the healthiest they’ve ever been. The Max Metabolix Program will help you lose weight, reboot your hormones, reverse inflammation, maximize performance and defy aging.


The foundation of the Max Metabolix Program 
is to recognize the root cause of illness through the identification and correction of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.

The MM Program uses a Lifestyle Risk Questionnaire (LRQ) to assess your diet, lifestyle and health history. The information collected from the LRQ can tell your doctor where you require additional nutritional support. The LRQ looks at 8 key areas of risk, which your doctor will cover during your Initial Nutrition Review. Following the LRQ, you’ll have the opportunity to have lab testing done in order to have a customized nutrition plan created.

This approach allows us to discover nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that might be contributing to current health concerns, it also allows us to address deficiencies that have the potential to develop into chronic and life threatening conditions. The customized support provided by the MM Program not only stops disease from developing, but can reverse the course of illness.

This method is a cost effective approach to wellness because it provides you with the support you need to achieve optimal wellness over the course of your lifetime.

The Max Metabolix Experience

So, what does your experience with Max Metabolix look like? Although all of our testing and supplementation is customized to ensure the best results for each patient, you can view a blue-print of the process below and learn how to get started now.

  • Connect with your Local certified Max Living Doctor, Dr. Tim Smith D.C. at
  • Attend an informational session to learn about the Customized Metabolic Assessment Wed 10.08.14 (call 916-259-2682 to register)
  • Complete a Lifestyle Risk Questionnaire to determine your areas of risk
  • Review areas of risk with your Dr. Tim from New Life Chiropractic and receive an Initial Nutrition Assessment
  • Pick up testing kit from your Rocklin Chiropractor, Dr. Tim Smith
  • Complete testing kit at home and return to lab via FedEx
  • Complete Therapeutic Plan for 3-6 months
  • Re-test and continue therapeutic supplements or switch to a maintenance plan

Lab Results are available 2 weeks after lab kits are returned

Schedule a visit at New Life Chiropractic to review your personalized results and determine what supplementation and nutritional plan is right for you.