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What Makes Rocklin's Max Living Chiropractic Office Different?

Wondering what sets the Max Living Chiropractic office in Rocklin apart from other chiropractic offices in the area? In this video office tour we explain why and how we’re helping so many people and so many families change the way they view and manage their health.

What You’ll Find In Our Office

5 Essentials Information Boards

We take a 5 essentials approach to healthy living to help people understand what’s interfering with their health. We see small children from just days old to people in their 80s and 90s and they’re all getting healthier through these 5 keys essentially.

Kids Area

Our kids area is essential because we see entire families and want to be sure the adults can be focused and relaxed during their adjustment.

I see so many kids here in the office, kids coming in with all types of issues. Asthma, ear infections, ADHD, allergies. They are all getting better through healthy living, through these 5 essentials. It’s absolutely amazing to see that happening.

Exercise Room

In our main room is our state of the art exercise room where we’re doing exercises to warm up the spine for the adjustment, and also to stop the degeneration process and reverse aging. On the wall we have cervical traction units. Cervical traction restores the normal brain stem, and the spinal cord, and the nerves that go out and control health and healing into the body.

In the center of the room we have chairs with wobble discs. What these do is move in different directions to hydrate the discs of your spine. It warms up your muscles and strengthens the core so you get the vital bones of the spine moving normally again. That really warms your body up before we do any type of chiropractic adjustments.

Adjustment Tables

The adjustment tables are where the real magic happens. This is where we do corrective spinal care.

The goal of this is to remove those interferences to the nervous system to correct very specific misalignments in the spine called subluxation to restore health and healing. This is individualized for every single person that comes into the office. No person receives the same adjustment, it’s all based on exactly their specific exam and X-ray findings as they come through corrective care.

Once you’ve been adjusted it doesn’t stop here.

Spinal Rehabilitiation & Neuromuscular Re-education Center

In this area you find different types of weights that you will be assigned to wear depending on your specific postures and your specific issues. You wear these weights on a vibration platform. These vibration platforms stimulate your nervous system to create spinal corrective change, to retrain the way your brain communicates to your body, and restore normal posture.

What this does it breaks up the things we have everyday from chronic sitting, chronic standing, old injuries, and creates new healthy patterns. This works so well.

Wall of Healing

On the back wall we display testimonials of dozens of people whose lives have completely changed as a result of these 5 essentials and this spinal corrective process. In fact I’ve seen just about every condition you can think of walk into this office and when we find the cause of those problems we help them get well naturally: without the use of medications and without the use of surgery.

If you’re looking to do this for yourself or someone that you know schedule an appointment and we’ll set aside a consultation for you specifically to find out what is causing your issues and what can we do to help you meet your health goals.


Have you had the opportunity to join us at one of our community education events yet? If not, we hope you enjoyed this answered your question. At our community education events, Dr. Tim Smith from New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin explains the benefits of living a Max Living lifestyle. This includes taking care of your:

  • mind
  • nervous system
  • nutritional needs
  • exercise (in less than 20 minutes per day!)
  • and removing toxins

During the community education events, Dr. Tim focuses on a pressing health concern and then sifts through all of the knowledge out there to bring you key information about how to get healthy and stay that way. Enjoy clips from our previous events here.

Still have questions? Check our other FAQ videos here. Or contact us for a new patient consultation.