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How to Manage Your Blood Pressure Without Any Medication

Today I want to talk about how to manage your blood pressure.  Blood pressure medication is one of the most highly prescribed medications that’s out there and many of you wonder if there is a natural alternative.

What most people don’t know is that every medication has at least 70 side effects. That includes your blood pressure medication!

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

You don’t have high blood pressure because of a deficiency of medication or even heart disease itself. You develop high blood pressure when you have an imbalance in the brain-body connection that controls your nervous system.

All of your blood vessels are hooked up to your spine and it’s the sympathetic nervous system that tells those blood vessels to open up or close. When they’re closed on a more regular basis that creates more pressure in the system.

When your doctors gives you a medication to either thin your blood so it flows through easier or another type of medication to synthetically open up your blood vessels, it is not fixing the cause of the problem! What it does is create other issues.

There is a more natural, drug-free solution. That’s what we want to focus on in the first place.

What most people do not check first and doctors do not tell you about is what’s going on with the brain and nervous system. Throughout your spinal cord there’s something called the sympathetic chain ganglion.

This sympathetic system actually controls your immune system, your blood pressure, the organs, and it goes into the disks and the muscle fibers of your back. So if you’re having any types of back pain that’s a warning sign that you’re actually having a problem with this sympathetic nervous system.

If you’re constantly emotionally over-stressed, physically stressed, chemically stressed – from poor diet, bad food, chemical toxicity going into the body, that can actually create an imbalance in this sympathetic nervous system. What that means to you, is that it’s going to constrict and close off those blood vessels and have an effect on your blood pressure.

What Natural Solutions Are There to Manage High Blood Pressure?

An easier solution would be to remove the stress from your system and allow your body to naturally open itself up. That way the system can balance itself naturally without medications, from inside out, the way it was designed.

There was actually a study done a few years back on chiropractic where they did specific adjustments to the spine to actually balance this brain-body connection and the sympathetic nervous system. What the results showed astoundingly over and over again was that chiropractic adjustment was more effective at balancing blood pressure in the body neurologically than the top-two blood pressure medications that are out there with zero side effects.

I’m sure your doctor didn’t tell you that when you went in to refill your blood pressure medication. And I’m sure you’re not going to see that on a pharmaceutical commercial on TV.

But the truth is that every single symptom has a cause and when you address the cause your body can heal itself naturally.

Are You Looking For Natural Solutions to End Your Battle With High Blood Pressure ?

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