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Top Ten Health Benefits of Low Level Laser Light Therapy [Video FAQ]

Today I want to talk to you about one of the outstanding new therapies we have available here in the office. It’s a low light laser therapy. What’s really cool about this is that it’s a non-invasive therapy that can be done right here in the office in as little as 5-10 minutes and it affects your health and healing potential at the cellular level.

Low light laser therapies are very cool, very well researched, and we are very excited to have it as part of the services that we offer here in the office. It will help speed up the healing process and give you better natural relief from pain and faster healing of injuries and other health issues.

Learn the Top Ten Health Benefits of the Low Level Laser Light Therapy

Watch the video now! Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

1. Anti inflammation

Anytime that you have any areas of pain, whether that’s acute pain from a recent injury or chronic pain, this is going to help naturally reduce that at the cellular level.

2. An Analgesic Effect

This also goes along with pain. A part of pain is a neurological effect where it’s sending messages to your brain. Low light laser therapy affects the nerve system by lowering the pain signal called nociception within your body.

3. Accelerates Tissue Repair and Growth of New Cellular Tissue

Many research studies have shown over and over again that low light laser therapy helps heal 50 – 66% faster after an injury, acutely or long term.

4. Improved Vascular Activity

Low light lasers improve blood flow to the area. The benefits of this reaches so far it can be used for:

  • Skin
  • Bone or ligament injuries
  • Neuropathy and nerve problems
  • Disc related injuries (which we use it consistently for)
  • Wound healing
  • Post surgical repair
  • Immune system enhancement. It will help prevent future infections and help you work your way through an illness or issues.
  • Functions of the brain

The limits of this just keep going and going!

5. Increase Metabolic Activity

Low light lasers speed up the metabolic system in your body by affecting you at the cellular level through what’s called ATP. ATP is the energy of your cells and the powerhouse of your cells, what’s called the mitochondria. So with the laser therapy it stimulates this mitochondria, which increases ATP and that’s cellular energy within your body.

6. Trigger Point and Acupuncture Point Pressure

The low light laser can hit trigger and acupuncture points so it can really help with muscle issues. If you have tight muscles, if you have trigger point issues, if you have muscle fibrosis this can actually help break that up and restore mobility and increase the muscular function in that area.

7. Reduce Fibrous Tissue Formation

Fibrous tissue formation is scar tissue. Anytime you have an injury, your body lays down scar tissue. So if you start using the laser therapy right away, you’re actually preventing the lay down of scar tissue because healthy new tissues are going to be building up a lot faster, and the need for scar tissue is going to be much lower.

Note: this is a therapy that you can use every day or a couple of times a week! Its progressive every time you’re using it. The benefits increase upon each other.

8. Improved Nerve Function

This is one of the coolest applications – the chiropractic specifically, because all we work with is the brain and the nervous system. So every time we start the therapy right on the spine where the nerves go out to that area. So say we’re dealing with a shoulder issue, or elbow tendonitis, or you fractured your wrist. Well, first we would start on the spine itself, increasing nerve function to that area, and then go to the selected area and be able to work on it. Whether it’s a bone injury, a ligament injury, nerve issue, acute or chronic inflammation, or tendon problem. Whatever your issue is, there’s a different setting on the laser based upon what’s going on with those areas.

9. Immunoregulation

As I mentioned before, low light lasers have immune benefits, so they can be used for sinus issues, wound healing, and preventing future infections. It’s also been used for things like acne. It’s been used for skin related issues and for any type of inflammatory issues. This laser, specifically, has what’s called a Violet light, and this Violet light specifically affects the immune system.

10. Speeds up Wound Healing

This is really cool. Like I said at the beginning, the research shows 50-66% faster healing of damaged tissue and healing of different areas. So if you had a recent injury and it’s a wound that’s on the skin level, or you had to have a surgery, or you had some type of infection, using the laser therapy is going to help your body heal much faster.

What Conditions Will Low Light Lasers Help With?

We have this information here in our office if you want to learn more about it. There’s also brochures that talk about the different areas that it works with. Some of the areas that’s on here is:

  • wound healing
  • joint pain
  • muscle strains and tears
  • degenerative chronic issues
  • post surgical pain
  • tendon and ligament injuries
  • bone fractures
  • chronic neck and back pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome

…and the list goes on and on.

How Many Low Light Laser Treatment Session Are Typical?

Most people will notice a significant benefit within the first few treatments. The average treatment level is 4 – 12 treatments. These treatments can be done right here in the office in as little as 5 – 10 minutes during your regular appointment. Or we can schedule some extra ones!

Low Light Laser Therapy Demonstration

Top Ten Biological Effects of Laser Therapy_pdf (1) Top Ten Biological Effects of Laser Therapy_pdfThis is what the laser looks like. I want to show you how easy it is.

We pick a specific setting based upon the area of the body and what we’re working on, and then what you’ll see is these lights will come out. These lights are going right to the targeted area and we can put it in one specific area or we can move it over different areas as needed. We could even do it through motions if we’re working with muscle issues or fibrotic issues and just let it sit there for the time that’s necessary. And then when it’s done it just goes off and that’s it.

So that shows how easy that it is, and that’s why we’re able to use it right here in the office on each one of your appointments.

If you have questions about how to use this therapy and how it may benefit you, you can ask us here in the office and we will discuss how it will benefit you. On our website, we have a section under services that talks more about this laser therapy. You can also download a pdf with the top benefits here.

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