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3 Tests That Can Help You Identify and Resolve Long Term Health Issues [Video FAQ]

This month I want to share some great opportunities we’ve been offering in our office as part of our expanding 5 essentials care. As many of you know, we specialize in advanced spinal correction. We’ve been teaching our patients how to improve nutrition and exercise, live a healthier lifestyle, and to minimize toxins and stresses.

We work on these with our patients every single day. We’ve been finding that a lot of people need additional help.

  • You’ve been struggling with health issues for a long time.
  • You haven’t been able to get the help they wanted to from their doctor.
  • You don’t want to treat or manage a condition with medications or other interventions.
  • You’re looking for a more natural drug-free solution.

Additional Help For Long Term Health Issues

Watch the video now! Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

How Can I Get to the Bottom Of My Health Issues?

We’ve been able to partner with a couple of great labs to help our patients really get to the bottom of their health issues and find a natural drug-free solution.

Digestive and Gut Health Issues

One area where a lot of people struggle is digestive and gut health. We’ve partnered with Microbiome Labs, which is one of the leading researchers in natural gut health.

Now there’s different types of protocols we can work with, but one of the most important first steps is doing microbiome gut tests. This is done through BiomeFx. This is the BiomeFx home test kit.

Now what’s great about this is you don’t have to have a medical referral. You don’t have to go to some type of a lab. You can actually do the test in the comfort of your own home.

This is a simple stool sample. I know you’re thinking, “eww, a stool sample?”. It’s actually really easy to do.

Within just a couple of weeks, we’re going to get an entire report back that shows everything that’s going on with your gut microbiome.

Your gut microbiome isn’t just your digestion. It isn’t just going to the bathroom. This regulates:

  • your immune system
  • neuro-transmitters of your brain
  • energy
  • sleep
  • focus
  • the production of hormones and vitamins.

Your gut health is essential. This gives us a roadmap to exactly what’s going on. We’ll have a very specific protocol on how to correct the issues that are reported, and we’re seeing amazing results with our patients.

This is a great place to start if you’re having any kind of digestive issues, any food allergies, any autoimmune disorders, brain fog, toxicity issues, digestive problems, bathroom issues. All of these things can benefit from that protocol.

This is one of the great areas that we’ve really been expanding and seeing awesome results with.

Metabolic Testing

Another type of testing that we’re starting to do is metabolic testing. So with metabolic testing, we’re actually able to look at the major systems in your body and the health of all of your cells.

This looks at things like:

  • antioxidant support
  • oxidative, stress
  • toxicity issues
  • digestive issue
  • vitamin production
  • absorption
  • methylation, which is how you actually bring in nutrients into your cells.

And we can find out what systems of your body are working well and which ones need a little bit of extra work. What I find is a lot of people have multiple systems that aren’t working as they should.

Now over time, this creates issues, struggles with losing weight, poor sleep, inflammation, pain, multiple health issues, and autoimmune disorders.

You name it. If there’s a problem going on in your health, there’s likely a metabolic issue behind it.

This allows us to really focus on exactly what’s causing it and have a very specific protocol to improve it, where we can check in on progress every month. This includes nutrition recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and supplement recommendations.

We can actually see how your body’s performing and changing over time. We can even retest to make sure these things are being improved.

And this is done through Genova labs, which is a leading self care testing type of facility. So again, you’re doing this at home, a simple urinalysis test that you can do on your own, a simple blood spot, which is just one or two drops from a finger prick. And you can have this done. We can have results back within a couple of weeks.

So if you’re someone who’s looking to take your health to the next level and you want a specific program that is tracked and you’re held accountable, Max Metabolix is a great way to be able to do this.


The third test I want to talk about today is what’s called BrainSpan. So BrainSpan is actually looking at the essential fatty acid profiles in your body. So around all our cells we have this lipid bi-layer, which is basically fat. Your brain and your neural tissue is mostly made up of fats.

So when we have this out of balance of essential fatty acids in our diet and our lifestyle and our body, it creates all types of problems.

Primarily inflammation.

  • It affects your metabolic system.
  • It affects your immune system.
  • It affects your heart health.
  • And it increases your risk for chronic diseases like heart disease, heart attack, stroke, dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

All these things can be accounted back to an imbalance of these essential fatty acid levels.

So this BrainSpan test actually allows us to do a simple test at home where you do a small finger prick and just a couple of drops of blood that you send into a lab that we can get results back within just a couple of weeks.

There’s also a neurological test you do. Now, these are mostly brain games, like memory games and stuff like that. So we can look at your cognitive function, your short-term memory, your ability to adapt from one task to the other or multitask.

And that way we can see really where are you right now. And we offer a very specific protocol on how to improve cognitive function and memory.

I’ve done this with multiple patients. I’ve done it myself. It’s a great way to find out if what you’re doing is actually working and what we can do to improve your outcomes.

So at any age this is beneficial, but especially important for:

  • older individuals
  • women who are looking to have children or have just recently had children
  • anybody who’s having any neurological type symptoms including brain fog, headaches, or migraines
  • people who are already starting to notice issues with memory loss
  • people who are having a lot of inflammatory issues like high blood pressure and heart health issues that can lead back to inflammation.

That way you can have a natural drug-free solution to help your body heal itself through better nutrition, healthier lifestyle, supplements, and nutrients, everything you’re going to need. We’ll help guide you through that process.

Which Health Test Is Best For You?

So of these three tests, which is best for you?

Whether it’s the BiomeFX for your gut health, the Metabolix to look at your cellular health and metabolic systems, or the BrainSpan to look at essential fatty acids, inflammation, and cellular health; all or one of these can be a great step in the right direction to help you achieve your health goals in a natural, healthy way.

I look forward to helping you. If you have questions about testing and which test to start with, feel free to reach out to us here in the office. Ask one of us how you can get involved with one of these and how you can do them at home.

These are affordable, whether you have insurance or not, they can all be done at home. You don’t need a medical referral. You don’t have to go to a lab. It’s designed to be simple and easy. So we can develop a specific protocol to help you get better in a more healthy, natural way.

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