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Why Your Kids Need Chiropractic Treatment

child adjustmentAn intimate connection exists between the spine, the brain, and the central nervous system. The health of the spine directly influences the health and function of the entire body.

Why Do Kids Need Chiropractic Treatment?

Children under chiropractic care report improvement with many different symptoms and health conditions. Evidence connects improved performance in school and activities to benefits resulting from spinal adjustive care.

Parents sometimes question why a baby or child needs chiropractic care?

The simple answer comes from drawing a connection between being proactive versus reactive. The body undergoes physical trauma, beginning with spinal distress that takes place during a baby’s development in the womb and continues through the birth process.

Research shows that many newborns suffer micro-trauma during the birth process that slightly alters the position and movement of the bones in the upper neck, creating a subluxation. That subluxation induces stress in the central nervous system. Left undetected and uncorrected, subluxation contributes to many unwanted symptoms suffered by infants and children today, AND NO MEDICAL DOCTOR CHECKS FOR THIS!!

Did Your Doctor Pay Attention to Posture?

According to the Journal of Manual Medicine, published in June 1992, it is critical to understand why infants and children need chiropractic evaluations and care when necessary. The study evaluated more than 600 children, all less than 2 years of age. In this research, they refer to the vertebral subluxation as a “kinematic imbalance due to suboccipital strain” (KISS). The report talked about the pathogenic importance of asymmetric posture in small children and the fact it is often played down — if recognized at all by the medical community.

The author noted that KISS (subluxation) has a wide range of clinical signs and in many cases can be dealt with effectively with manual therapy. The risk factors for why these children had KISS syndrome, as they called it, were from intrauterine misalignment, application of extraction aids in delivery, prolonged labor, and/or multiple fetuses.

BIRTH is the Cause!

This study is one that you want to know about and have certainty with as PROOF WHY INFANTS AND KIDS NEED CHIROPRACTIC!

Facts of the Study Showing Why Kids and Babies Need Chiropractic

Let’s look at the facts of the study. First off, they agreed that the main symptoms that KISS syndrome can lead to are:

  • torticollis
  • unilateral face asymmetry
  • C-scoliosis, motor asymmetries
  • unilateral retarded maturation of hip joints
  • slowed motor development
  • sleeping disorders
  • neck sensitivity
  • face swelling
  • fever of unknown origin
  • loss of appetite
  • feet deformities
  • pathological reflexes
  • range of motion diminished by 30% or more
  • parent reporting baby does not eat or drink well.

They concluded that on these babies “an A-P radiograph of the upper cervical spine is imperative” The radiograph evaluation helps to find malformations and aids in determining the direction of the adjustment.

There was no correlation between the extent of the asymmetry and the symptoms or success of the treatment! This means that even a small subluxation is clinically relevant. The treatment involved an “impulse adjustment” and in most cases, the direction and line of drive was determined by radiological findings (85% of the time).

Can Chiropractic Care Reduce the Need for Prescription Medications for Children?

1 in 4 children in the United States takes a prescription drug for a chronic condition. That means 25% of America’s children rely on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs to treat a condition that may never fully resolve.

Hope for future generations begins with first recognizing the greatest doctor exists inside the body. Health strategies that respect and utilize the body’s innate healing power produce greater long-term results than a reliance on masking agents like pills and drugs. Chiropractic offers the most effective form of natural health care available.

Research from 2016 showed that chiropractic adjustments changed the pre-frontal cortex in the brain. The pre-frontal cortex takes responsibility for all executive functions. Focus control, concentration, learning, and personality take direction from the pre-frontal cortex. The study showed that a Chiropractic adjustment improved function in the pre-frontal cortex by over 20%.

While a pill, shot or drug add interference and creates more dis-ease, chiropractic care reduces interference and increases the healing potential of the brain and body!! That is why we love taking care of kids in our office.

Give Your Child The Best Health Care Available

Children under chiropractic care experience immeasurable benefits ranging from improved immunity and energy to better focus and sleep patterns. The human body possesses incredible capabilities as long as there is no interference. Chiropractic simply removes interference in the master control system by locating and correcting spinal subluxations that interfere with normal nervous system function.

Chiropractic unlocks the potential within every child. Our Chiropractic office believes that families who get adjusted together grow stronger and healthier together! That is why our mission is to change the way families view and manage health for a greater vision of optimal health potential for every family in our community for complete health freedom!!!

All of the Doctors here have special training to effectively and safely evaluate and adjust babies and children. If your kids have not been checked for subluxation, next week is Friends and Family Week 3/11/24 – 3/15/24