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Why Are Kids Getting Sicker and Sicker?

Kids Keep Getting Sicker in America

If you look around you will notice that kids are getting sicker and sicker (and so are adults). Since medical physicians and the drug industry have been granted universal control over the well-being of our children, the failure of kids to thrive should cause a thinking man or woman to question the pediatric medical process. There’s good and bad in everything – so to blindly follow a struggling health care model is obviously unwise.

Children are under more physical, chemical and emotional stress now more than ever. Showing the numbers has been tough since the actual numbers have always appeared to be mysteriously sequestered – assumedly because full disclosure would not bode well for the guardians of our children’s health.

Health does not come from more medical intervention, more vaccines, more medications and more doctor visits.  In fact, according to research the more of that you add in the less healthy your family is overall because that is all more stress and interference for your family.

The Undisputed Truth – Americans Are Losing the Battle For Their Kids Health

The chart below has numbers that cannot be disputed. They come from IMS Health which is the pharmaceutical industry’s official numbers purveyor.  These facts have to be right on-the-money because they sell their information to investors and heads of industry:

Condition Total With Condition Total Age 0-9 Total Age 10-19
Asthma 45,388,000 28,252,000 17,136,000
ADHD 24,357,000 7,018,000 17,339,000
Antidepressants 9,614,000 1,026,000 8,558,000
Antipsychotics 6,546,000 1,396,000 5,150,000
Antihypertensives 5,224,000 1,819,000 3,405,000
Sleep Aids 307,000 14,000 293,000
Non-insulin (“Adult” on-set) Diabetes 424,000 30,000 394,000
Statins (Cholesterol lowering drugs now given to kids) 94,000 11,000 83,000

These are just some of the numbers clearly showing that we’re losing the battle to raise healthy kids.  The Wall Street Journal just published an article called, “So Young and So Many Pills – More than 25% of Kids and Teens in the U.S. Take Prescriptions on a Regular Basis“.  This number does not include the occasional round of antibiotics or the regular use of over the counter drugs.

How Did Our Kids Get So Sick?

With more than 1 in 4 children taking prescriptions on a permanent basis (and more than 7% taking 2 or more), no wonder this is the first generation where parents are expected to outlive their kids. You wonder how did it get like this?

Many times it starts even before birth with all of the toxins the mother and sometimes up to three generation of family members that are passed through the placenta to the baby.  If you add all the recommended vaccines, ultrasounds, medical tests and poor nutrition during pregnancy it is even worse.

Then the birth process, even under the most natural conditions, is potentially traumatic causing subluxation and nerve interference.  This causes the nerves to become stressed and may result in the failure of one or more parts of the body fostering the onset of sickness and disease as the body weakens.

Add that to the over 30% C-Section rate in America, use of Pitocin, epidurals, antibiotics, forceps delivery, vacuum delivery, vaccines and other medications given at birth and the overall stressful and toxin environment of the average hospital these kids start off in a pretty big hole.

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Families here at New Life Chiropractic aren’t seeing rising conditions of any kind. They’re not seeing increases in the use of any type of medication, in fact we are seeing the exact opposite!  This, I’m sure, does not come as a surprise to anyone.  These families pursue the 5 Essentials of REAL health and manage to avoid drugs over 90% of the time in their homes.

What Can You Do to Ensure the Health Success of Your Kids and Family?

  1. Make sure your kids are being checked by a corrective care chiropractor for subluxation and commit to keeping the spine and nervous system healthy. The most important time is from birth to 2 years and up to 7 years of age. After age 7 subluxation patterns will remain through life regardless of symptoms, health will be compromised.
  2. Feed your kids and family health and whole foods rather than processed and chemical filled foods. Drink plenty of clean filtered water, eat colorful vegetables and fruits, and use organic everything.
  3. Get outside, exercise often and avoid toxins wherever possible in cleaning and personal care products.
  4. Avoid unnecessary medications, medical interventions and vaccines. Always ask questions and think if it is really necessary. Always look for natural, drug free solutions to help the body heal itself from the inside out rather than a medical outside in symptom or disease treatment.

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