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Join the fight TO KILL CANCER

New Life Chiropractic is hosting the Cancer Killers Health Makeover this Saturday in Rocklin, which is about saving lives and changing health in the community! 

Every time I ask a group of people who has been affected by cancer every single person raises their hand.  We all know the devastation that chronic and terminal disease can have on a family.

I have seen the devastation in my own family and families close to me, and I am not willing to accept that! 

Will You Be the Next Death Statistic?>

If you asked 100 people who have been affected by cancer if they could go back and do everything possible to prevent their disease, 100 would say they would do whatever it takes.

With cancer affecting 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women, you are either building or killing cancer.  Over 1.65 million people are going to be diagnosed just this year, and an astounding 560,000 + will die from this highly preventable disease.

Correcting the Cause of Cancer is the Key to Healing

The good news is that there is an answer… you can correct the cause of cancer to prevent and heal this disease. What are some things you can do to become a cancer killer?

  • First we know that healthy cells need proper nerve supply, an environment rich with oxygen, slightly alkaline and free of toxins.
  • Second, your immune system must perform at its optimum potential to kill the hundreds to thousands of cancer cells we all have in our bodies at all times!
  • Third, the environment within your body must be in a state that is building health cells and not diseased cells.

How do You Prevent Cancer?

There are 5 Essentials of health necessary to live a Max Living lifestyle.  To be truly healthy and prevent cancer and other health issues you must:

  • Maximize your mind
  • Maximize your nerve supply
  • Maximize your nutrition
  • Maximize your fitness
  • Minimize the toxins in your body and environment.

These are essentials, and there are specific ways to apply these essentials.

You can learn all about these essentials at the Cancer Killers event on Saturday, October 4th.  

How Does Cancer Thrive? 

  1. Cancer cells do not need proper nerve supply. If you have never had your spine checked by a Max Living chiropractor, you do not know how your nervous system is functioning and how your body is healing.
  2. Cancer cells do not need oxygen. If you are not exercising the right way, your cells are not getting oxygen.
  3. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic and toxic environment. When we tested our clients pH the last two weeks 80-90% were in the acidic range!
  4. Cancer cells feed on sugar.  Cancer has 8x more affinity for sugar than healthy cells.  Sugar is a huge problem that you can overcome when you have the nutritional strategies you will learn at Cancer Killers.

The number 1 way we help so many people is because we specialize in correcting the spine and restoring the natural healing from within.  Each and every one of you deserves a life free of disease and suffering, a quality of life that helps you fulfill your purpose.  I know without a doubt that being at this event will get you one step closer to living that life and many steps further away from a deadly diagnosis!

Learn About Natural Cancer Killers

Take a huge step toward better health and get your Cancer Killers Makeover tickets. Invest just 3 hours of your life to ensure you avoid years of suffering! You and your family have to know the protocols and have the resources to take action on that knowledge.

Don’t just survive it, detect it early, or HOPE it away…KILL IT!