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Does My Medical Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

Who does your doctor work for? If you think it is you, you are probably wrong!

A lot of people ask me, “Does my insurance cover chiropractic care?”

New patients come in looking for their insurance to cover their care. When you get that little insurance card, that is not health care.

That is medical care. Insurance care is useful once you’ve already had a health crisis, once you’re already dealing with a health issue.

It doesn’t cover you to get preventative care. It doesn’t cover proactive care. It doesn’t cover anything that enhances and prolongs the quality of your life. So we’re going to dive into this a little bit deeper.

Insurance Care is Reactive, Not Proactive

Proactive health care is not considered medical necessity.

  • You wouldn’t expect your car insurance to cover oil change or rotation of your tires.
  • You don’t expect your homeowner’s insurance to change out the filters, to update your equipment.

Insurance doesn’t cover the routine maintenance that you know is good to prevent problems from coming up.

Who DO Your Insurance Covered Doctors Work For?

Does your doctor work for you? The truth is no.

I used to be on a bunch of insurance networks and what they do is they constantly limit the amount of care we’re able to give you. They limit the scope of what we can do in evaluations. They’re constantly badgering us to release you early so that you cannot get well.

This is symptom based care.

If you’re going to the doctor on the list because it’s cheaper, you’re choosing to go to a person who works for the insurance company. And you know as well as I do, their goal is not to get you well. It’s to save money.

What Kind of Doctor Will Work For Me?

You WANT to go to a doctor who works for you. Who gives you the care that you actually need. Who does what’s in your best interest. Despite what an insurance company may cover.

When you come into my office, I’ll give you the recommendations that you need.

We’re able to do complete full evaluations based upon your health and your individual health goals. We’ll ensure you get the full spectrum of care to get you well.

  • Not just symptom based care.
  • Not just medical care.
  • Not just what’s in your policy, but what you need to completely change your health potential.

To change the way you and your family and manage their health. Natural, drug free solutions.

Why Should You Consider New Life Chiropractic as Your Primary Health Partner?

  • You’re looking for a doctor that works for you.
  • You’re frustrated and not getting the results you’re looking for.
  • You feel like you’re constantly limited to that 12 – 15 visits per year.

Contact us today and start getting proactive, preventive care today.

Have Questions on The Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

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