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How to Lower Inflammation in Your Blood Vessels

how to lower inflammation in blood vesselsEvery time you are injured, your body responds with inflammation. It’s obvious when it is external like a sprained ankle, broken arm, or bruise. What about when the damage is on the inside?

Anytime there’s damage to anything in the body, it starts an inflammatory process to be able to heal that. Damage can result from:

  • Physical trauma.
  • Emotional trauma.
  • Chemical or toxic exposure.
  • What you eat on a regular basis.

Any damage, whether external or internal, can cause inflammation that causes more pain, more dysfunction, and more disease to build up in your body.

Want to see how inflammation occurs in your blood vessels?

This video explains how inflammation occurs in your blood vessels, how it results in high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and why taking medication is only a temporary solution.

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Watch the video now!


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