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How Does Sugar Consumption Increase Heart Attack Risk?

What is it that we eat on a regular basis? SUGAR.

It seems hard to eat well, especially if you’re busy. If you had 20 minutes to eat, there’s probably ten places here that you can go to and get something in 20 minutes, and they are all unhealthy. It’s unfortunate.

You can go to Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr., KFC, Beach Hut Deli, IHOP, McDonald’s, Togo’s … They are all so convenient and serve you quickly. But, what’s that stuff full of? Sugar, grains and refined carbs.

How the Standard American Diet Doesn’t Stack Up

I don’t think they still do this, but the good old pyramid, the whole big bottom section is sugars, grains and refined carbs. We grew up being told that should be most of your diet.

Eat all your bread and grains in every single meal. All right, so what does that do? Well, sugar increases your blood sugar. Grains and refined carbs are just the same as sugar. Within seconds, they break down into your body into sugar just like that.

Sugar is toxic, right? If I gave you a big pile of sugar real quick into your bloodstream, you would die. That’s why diabetes is dangerous because it doesn’t take sugar out of the blood.

When sugar goes into the blood, two things happen. Cortisol and insulin go up. This is a good thing.

Insulin goes up to grab the sugar, put it into your muscles for energy, stores it as fat for future energy or just eliminates it through your body and through the liver. That’s a good thing, right?

Cortisol and stress hormones calm down your immune system. When these cortisol and insulin are high over time like two to three to five times a day, or multiple times a week, it increases inflammation. And, as we know, inflammation causes 90% of all diseases, including heart attacks!


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