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Immune Health Overview

Immune health is so important especially since we’re getting back into school right now, so I wanted to discuss some things that can help you boost up your immune health for you and your family moving forward.

Your immune system is one of the most important systems in your body because:

  • It controls health
  • It fights off infections and diseases
  • It’s super important for avoiding time missed from work and school
  • It helps you feel your best.

But, there are things that can interfere and weaken your immune system that I want to talk to you about.

  • Stress. Not just emotional stress but chemical stress and physical stress.
  • Subluxation which is interference with the nervous system. This is one of the biggest causes that I see decreasing immune system function.
  • Nutritional issues with things like sugar and processed foods that damage your intestinal system and your GI tract. Your GI track makes up about 60% to 80% of your immune function, so you really have to focus on gut health.  Gut health makes a huge change on your immune function.
  • Germs and toxins. These overburn your immune system making it very difficult for you to fight off infections and diseases. It can make you a lot weaker.

In the coming videos we will break down these immune concerns and give you some great tips that you can start applying right away, so make sure you’re tuning in to each video to catch every one of those tips.


Have you had the opportunity to join us at one of our community education events yet? If not, we hope you enjoyed this short clip about immune health. At the full immune health event, Dr. Tim Smith from New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin taught how to safeguard your immune system so you can sail through the upcoming winter cold and flu season. The presentation went over the top 5 immune-busters including:

  • stress
  • spinal subluxation
  • toxins

During the community education events, Dr. Tim sifts through all of the knowledge out there to bring you key information about how to get healthy and stay that way. Enjoy all 6 clips from the series!