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Do Statin Drugs Effectively Lower Heart Attack Risk?

According to the magazine and TV ads you see all the time, if you have high cholesterol, you MUST be on statin medication. What do these drugs do? How do statin drugs work to lower cholesterol?

The Role of Cholesterol in Your Body

Your brain is made up of 60% cholesterol. If you’re not getting enough cholesterol, your neurological and your brain tissue can deteriorate which can lead to things like depression because your serotonin starts to go down. Where does that lead to? Another medication or more problems.

How Statins Work

When you take statin drugs, they prevent the production of cholesterol in your body.

Statins also blocks the production of CoQ10. This is an anti-oxidant which helps transfer energy in our cells. A very important co-enzyme, vital to success and life in your body. CoQ10 is a primary building blocks for the cells of your brain and your nervous system. So, if you’re taking statin drugs right now, you absolutely have to be supplementing with this or you’re creating a whole new set of problems.

Statins also block the production of other important enzyems which help reduce inflammation. Since inflammation is a real cause of heart disease, taking statins is a heart disease risk.

Other Potential Statin Dangers

  • When you mess with the way the liver produces things, you can cause liver damage.
  • You can cause neuropathy issues because you are messing now with the nervous system.
  • You can cause muscle problems, muscle wasting and atrophy.
  • Reducing cholesterol can actually stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure.
  • Interferes with selenium and proteins. Selenium is another important mineral and enzyme for proteins in your body and proteins make up just about everything.

So, when you block this, it’s basically like pouring gasoline on the fire of inflammation and free radicals which damages muscle tissue. That’s exactly what’s happening. That’s how it creates muscle wasting and atrophy where I talked about depression and how it stops CoQ-10 and actually can cause heart failure and increased risk in cancer.


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