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Why You Can't Be Healthy Without a Healthy Spine

I would like to share with you a study describing the importance of proper posture and a healthy spine. This was a study published in the reputable Medical Journal of SPINE in 2005 and was done by a team of all Medical Doctors headed up by Dr. Steven Glassman.

They measured posture in 752 subjects from the sagittal plane using full-spine x-rays. Their findings were ASTONISHING!! All measures of health status showed significantly poorer scores as posture worsened.

Even minor forward head posture was shown to be detrimental. From breathing and heart rate to pain and disability, all health markers that were measured worsened as the posture worsened. This again clearly demonstrates the relationship between a bad spine (subluxation) and its implications on health, particularly as it relates to bodily function.

How an Unhealthy Spine Negatively Affects Brain Function

Specific corrective Chiropractic adjustments help to restore posture by improving motion and spinal integrity which improves nerve input into the spinal cord and brain, thus, allowing the body to balance itself better in relation to gravity. This relationship to posture and health has nothing to do with symptoms, which is explained in another study from the “Journal of Neurophysiology”.

In this study Drs. Heidi Haavik and Bernadette Murphy clearly show that a cervical spinal adjustment (on patients with no pain) influences the brain and can create neuroplastic changes in the brain tissue. THIS IS HUGE!

The most important part of this study is that the subjects receiving adjustments DID NOT have neck pain but had confirmed spinal subluxation. How many of the people in our community need to know that subluxation creates abnormal brain function without causing any known symptoms?

The adjustment they received had a direct influence on sensory input and resulted in attenuated brain cortical evoked responses. This means it changed their brain for the better! It was noted that “enhanced active inhibition” of the sympathetic nervous system tone occurred in ALL post-adjustment measurements! The other cool thing it proved was that it clearly wasn’t a placebo effect; one group was set up for an adjustment but the adjustment was not delivered and this group had NO neurological change.

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Subluxation Affects All Function & Health

The bottom line here is that subluxation leads to a bombardment of improper and incomplete signals from the muscles and joints to the nervous system affecting function and health. A specific corrective chiropractic adjustment reduces these improper signals and removes interference to the nervous system, resulting in better adaptation to any internal or external input the brain perceives.

Improving brain adaptability is one of the most important areas of study today in all of healthcare.  A proper chiropractic adjustment removes interference to the nerve system and improves brain function. It does this by improving spinal integrity and through improving segmental motion in subluxated areas.


This study shows why everyone should be checked for subluxation and adjusted if necessary throughout life by a chiropractor trained in the detection and correction of subluxation through spinal corrective care regardless of symptoms. This is why I do what I do and why I am so passionate about chiropractic.

Biggest Takeaways from this Study:

  1. There is no way to be healthy without a healthy spine.
  2. There is no way to know if you have a healthy spine unless you have it checked, regardless of pain or symptoms.
  3. The health of your body is dependent on the health of your spine.
  4. These are reasons backed by science why you and everyone in your family will benefit from being under care with a Wellness Chiropractor from birth to death.

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