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How a Healthy Greens Powder Provides Necessary Nutrients

Today I want to tell you about an exciting new product that we just brought into the our Rocklin chiropractic office.

A lot of people ask me about what is the best greens that they should be taking on a regular basis? A lot of people struggle with getting the right amount of nutrients and vegetables and healthy body support every day. The best way to do that is a healthy greens powder.

Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

There’s a lot of products out there like this. The one we just brought into the office is very specific. It’s only given to certified practitioners in nutrition and functional health like we do here at the office at New Life Chiropractic.

Introducing: Nutragen Healthy Greens in two flavors both mint and crisp apple.

I’ve tried these myself and I’m currently using it. It is amazing! And it’s not just greens.

What Are The Benefits of Taking Nutragen Healthy Greens Powder?

Nutragen Healthy Greens supports every system of the body:

  • reducing inflammation
  • improving digestion
  • boosting immune function
  • liver support
  • cardiovascular support
  • cellular support.

So actually what you’re going to get from this is better energy and better health. And it only takes one scoop of greens every single day.

Nutragen is offered in a dark glass bottle so it doesn’t get affected by light. It’s not affected by temperature. It keeps it very pure.

This product has all the major certifications.

  • It’s completely organic.
  • It’s non-GMO certified.
  • It’s non-dairy and completely gluten free. So any sensitivities that you have will not be affected by this.

Nutragen greens is completely natural and mixes easily with water. It’s delicious. Come in the office try it out.

Taking a healthy greens everyday is something that everybody should be doing. It costs less than $2 a day. Less than a cup of coffee and you get more natural energy, better health, and will alkalize your body from organic sources.

We have Nutragen here in the office and you can’t get it anywhere else. You can’t get in the grocery or natural food store and you can’t get it online. So next time you come in make sure you pick up a bottle to try at home.

Nutragen is part of our entire healthy organic products line. If you have more questions you can always call the office at (916) 259-2682.

Have Questions on How to Maximize Your Nutrition?

Have you had the opportunity to join us at one of our community education events yet? During the community education events, Dr. Tim sifts through all of the knowledge out there to bring you key information about how to get healthy and stay that way and shares answers to frequently asked questions on chiropractic care and healthy eating.