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Help Us Keep a Healthy Environment in Our Chiropractic Office

As many of you have likely noticed, our office has been more active at times during the week, making it more important to work together to maintain a healing environment. This week I just wanted to go through a few things that we can all do to help keep things moving so everyone has an amazing experience every time they are in the office and we can continue to grow our culture of empowering natural health.

How To Maximize the Impact of Your Chiropractic Appointment

I encourage you during each visit to take the time to invest in your health by:

  • reading the weekly newsletter,
  • reading the updates on the 5 Essentials boards,
  • reading the new Max Living magazines when available,
  • grabbing a meditation card or book to read,
  • watching the videos being played on the TV,
  • checking out upcoming events,
  • completing all warm up and cool-down exercises before and after each adjustment.

By using your time in the office to focus on your health and take advantage of all that is available to you it will help maximize the effectiveness of each adjustment and keep you focused on your healing.

I think you would agree that we are so distracted throughout the day and many of us are very busy. I invite you to take the time in the office to slow down, be grateful, get in tune with your body and focus on your intention for your visit that day. When you do this, you are putting your mind in alignment with your body and setting the intention for your health goals to be realized.

If you need help finding resources to focus on during your visit, or if you need help with any portion of your exercise, please ask someone from our team to assist you.

How To Help Keep Appointments On Time

Some things to help improve your experience and the experience of the office community are:

  • Make your best effort to be on time for your scheduled visit or let us know if you will be early or late so that we can keep the wait time for each adjustment as little as possible for everyone.
  • We ask that you do not use your cell phone in the exercise area, at the adjusting table, or on the vibration platform. Your cell phone can be a distraction and keep you out of focus and in a state of stress. If you must take a call or have an emergency, you can certainly step outside or go to the front reception area. The best way to stay present is to turn your phone on silent and put it in a basket with the rest of your stuff prior to your adjustment.
  • Another area that helps is to make sure that you are prepared to receive your adjustment before you go to the table. Take off loose jewelry, remove belts and glasses, check in at the computer and lie down on the table to let your body relax for the best adjustment.
  • For families it is important that your whole family is ready for adjustments and that you all come to the same table so we can work together to make sure everyone has a wonderful adjustment at each visit. It is very helpful for parents to have kids ready and together for adjustments at the same table. Also, as a reminder we have the kids area as a courtesy for families and kids to play and have fun, but we do not have a designated attendant to watch the kids, so it is up to each parent to be actively supervising their family at each visit and we ask that we all work together to keep the area clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.
  • The last area that we want to keep organized for proper use is the body weighting area near the vibration platforms. We ask that everyone do their part to return weights, pads, and wobble balls to their designated area so that everyone can find the weights and equipment that they need.

If you need assistance or clarification in any of these areas, our team is here to assist you and your family.

We Appreciate Our New Life Chiropractic Community Members

We love and appreciate each and every one of you and are so blessed to have you as part of our health community at New Life Chiropractic. If we all work together to make this a great place for people to come experience true, natural, and drug-free health care, we can further the vision of changing health for the better in our community! Our team is here to guide you through your health journey, and all of these areas we talked about today are for the mutual benefit and enhance experience for everyone. Thank you for being part of our community and helping make this a great place to live healthy!!

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