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Scary Health Effects of Xenoestrogens And How to Avoid Them

Xenoestrogens. Have you heard of them?

Xenoestrogens are things in our environment that mimic hormones in our body, in this case, estrogen. So, one of the biggest reasons estrogen is getting out of control is because we’re surrounded by it all the time.

  • It’s in all of our plastics.
  • It’s in a lot of our cleaning products.
  • It’s in your cosmetics.
  • It’s in the food that we eat.
  • It’s in the water that we drink every single day.

It’s all over the place. And so, it’s getting into our body more and more.

Scary Health Effects of Xenoestrogen on Your Body

Xenoestrogens are causing a lot of side effects that we never saw a few decades ago because they increase estrogen in the body. These effects cause problems for men, women and children:

  • Girls are starting puberty at six, eight, or ten years old.
  • Women are getting menopause earlier and earlier.
  • Men grow boobs.
  • Women are having trouble getting pregnant.
  • Men are having more testosterone related erectile dysfunction issues.

Watch this video to learn more about xenoestrogen and its health effects.

Men and Xenoestrogen

Why are men experiencing issues from increased estrogen? Xenoestrogens lower testosterone.

As we age, testosterone starts to go down naturally.But, if you have a bunch of these xenoestrogens in, it goes down at a rapid rate. That means that you store more fat, that means you have less muscle mass, that means you have less energy, that means that you age faster, your reproductive system isn’t as good as you want it to be, you don’t have the energy that you want to have, your strength goes away. Basically, your body withers away because you don’t have enough male hormone.

I don’t know about all guys, but for me, I want to keep testosterone up as high as I possibly can for as long as I can. Just like with women, the testosterone replacement stuff that more and more men are on, has a ton of side effects too.

How Xenoestrogens Cause Bad Health Effects

You have a receptor site which basically acts like a cup and when the right things come in they fill that receptor site and the body does what it’s supposed to do. But, if you get xenoestrogens in, they kind mess up that site. So now, you’re just getting these free-floating estrogens going on inside your body all the time which is not good for anybody.

Where Xenoestrogens Come From

These are the top xenoestrogens that are prevalent today:

Soy is number one.

Soy is super bad. Just not that long ago, everyone was saying how wonderful and healthy soy is. But, it’s not. It’s really bad for you.

And, the problem is this is in so many different things. It’s in protein bars, protein shakes, it’s in non-fat stuff all the time. It’s in a ton of vegetarian and vegan foods, including all the fake meats. That’s why these people who are supposedly vegan and healthy, are sicker than anybody. It’s because their hormones are out of control.

So, you have to pay attention to soy. And, it’s not just non-GMO soy. It’s all soy because it all increases xenoestrogen.

Sugar and Carbs

Getting lots of sugar increases estrogen in your body. It also decreases progesterone and it plummets testosterone.

Even a few grams of sugar drops testosterone for around six hours or more. So, if you’re a guy trying to get in good shape or trying to lose weight and get more fit, but your testosterone is going down, it will be super difficult.

Food, drink and plastic containers and cans.

Normal cans have that silver lining in there, right? That’s BPA– bisphenol-A. That is a very high-level xenoestrogen.

So, if you eat canned foods and it’s not a BPA-free lining, (you can actually look for that on the can) then you will get exposed to more xenoestrogen.

Many water bottles that we have, that are made of plastic, are not BPA-free.  All the plastic Tupperware-type containers that you have at home where you store your food in, same thing. And now, here’s the worst part. When you heat that up, up to 90 times more BPA gets in there.

So, if you have a plastic bottle of water in the car, you sit it there and it gets hot, I’ve done this before,  and you go into the car and you drink it, you get 90 times of the bisphenol-A floating right in there. It’s pretty gross, right?


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