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Health Comes From Within

Many people take better care of their teeth and heart than of their spine. You probably just expect your spine to work perfectly every single day. When it doesn’t work, you just want to fix it as quickly as possible and get out of the pain and dysfunction that is going on.

Are you paying attention to what proper spinal alignment does for your health?

Proper Spinal Alignment

Your spine here has to be completely straight all the way down and you’ve got to have curves in your neck, in your midback and your low back so that messages from the brain can flow out without interference.

If your spine is misaligned it will cause nerve interference. That interference can cause neck pain, affect your heart, your lungs, your digestive system, and other major systems. If you don’t deal with the misalignment, you won’t get better!

  • If we can fix the alignment issues you have with your spine, we change your health and your function.
  • If you can go from no range of motion to full range of motion, we change your function.
  • If we change your posture, we change your function.

This is such an important principle to understand. Health comes from within.

Join Us at Our Next Community Education Event

Have you had the opportunity to join us at one of our community education events yet? If not, enjoy this short clip from our recent Weight Loss Makeover event. At the full event, we talked about the value of spinal alignment, how the key to weight loss is balancing your hormones, and gave attendees several tips to jumpstart their weight loss.